I’m Claire

and I’m the founder of ‘Creatively Conscious’ 


I started Creatively Conscious to bring more creativity into my life and build a range of programmes and products to super charge our wellbeing.

Do you want to invite more space for creativity into your life? You’re in the right place! 

About Me 

I’m a Creative Producer for the Arts and Heritage sector and a professional mentor.

I love to write and share about creativity, wellbeing and our little rural bubble here on the Northumberland coast.

From a super busy lifestyle and BRIGHT city lights to an oasis of calm and dark skies…

After making the decision to move away from the ‘bright lights’ of the city and into the dark skies of Northumberland in 2015, we changed everything.

We bought a 98 year old home with a view of the ocean and in the summer of 2017, as our little boy turned 3 we opened our own wellbeing studio inside our home.

Our goal as a family is to spend more time in nature and exploring new ways of seeing and experiencing the world in slow lived ways.

I work with creatives, creative businesses and artists to offer tools and techniques to help them realise their creative dreams. 

My focus is to help you find ways to put wellbeing first and spend MORE time creating and less time ‘being busy’.  

Freedom Planning… 

Here’s a visual example of how I plan my week.  This visual timetable suits me and ensures I have space for my creative practise AND for wellbeing. 

If you want to learn more just sign up to my mailing list and you’ll receive a free seasonal planning download sharing how I work in tune with the seasons.    Alternatively click the link below and you can get it without signing up.  

One to one Creative Living Mentoring

I am currently running one to one professional mentoring online although hoping to be back to meeting up in Northumberland based coffee shops soon.   If you’d like a self-directed approach I can offer that too.  Check out my products page and look out for The Artist Boat Ebook.  Or check out my podcast ‘Voice of the Creative’ 

toy busses next to a window

Notes from the Sea – Monthly Emails 

About the emails I send…

I send Notes from the Sea to your email inbox from our home with a sea view in Northumberland, England.

They are short, seasonal in tone and offer free gift downloads I’ve made to aid creativity, productivity, alignment and wellbeing.

I’m super passionate about creativity and wellbeing and finding as many ways to connect to both as possible in everyday life.

I share tips on aligning to seasonal shifts, honouring cycles in our life (the ups and the downs) and the occasional snapshots from the stars.

You can find other like-minded folk to chat to by using #tagthesparkles  on instagram.

Articles and Blogs

I write a lifestyle blog from time to time which shares more about being ‘Creatively Conscious’ and our slower paced lifestyle as a family here in Northumberland. 

I also write articles for creatives drawing on my 20 years experience in the industry.  They are all here.   Enjoy!  

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