I’ve written about having a yearly and monthly intent which I find so helpful to focussing my energy each month.

For March 2018 my intent is acceptance and action.

That intent might sound like the two things are in opposition but I feel like with Spring on the way there’ll be a picked up pace to enjoy and the acceptance part is about self guidance of courage to work with acceptance.

If you want to set a monthly intent for yourself you totally can!

It’s not about goals so much as a ‘way of focus’ for the month.

All we really have that’s our own is time.

Making time to gift to yourself can be complicated and difficult.

If I asked you to breathe into your rib cage like you have all the time you need for this breath right now what is your first thought?

Ok…ready to try it!?

Next, breathe in for the count of 10 and our for the count of 10, 10 times – concentrate on making your breath in as long as your breath out.

Now write down the answer to two questions…

I am searching for…..

In hope of…..

In my heart I feel…

Get anything?

Try to distill it down…

This is the intent you need to work with for the month. Let me know if this speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you. βœ¨πŸ’–