My intent for October was to celebrate the gift of Autumn…

… it was rooted in making space to notice the change in colours, burnt orange and red and with a busy work month, make time to appreciate the small stuff the gifts that are presented each day through nature and kindness…

The intent was a huge anchor for me as I created my Seasonal Slow Lived Workbook for winter. The workbook is a blend of creative prompts and whimsical wellbeing underpinned by productivity tools. It’s been sent out to my mailing list and you can also grab it here for FREE!

I realised as the month of October unfolded, the more I was aware of gifts in my surroundings, the more I was able to gift more in my own life to my family, friends and clients.

I was recommended for an incredible piece of work by someone I adore to spend time with and who has gifted so so much to me. More than she’ll know.

Some gifts showed up in unexpected forms – our boiler broke for 3 week, our shower and oven both broke too (less than 18months old) and we had to find ways to keep warm in our 100years old house….

Using the gift of coal left in our coal shed from before our time here whilst waiting for our order of logs… lighting fires in our luxurious wood burning stove, having friendly neighbours and family who are handy with plumbing and the like to lend a supportive hand/ shower meant so so much as the hailstones fell on a cold October Saturday.

It was hard and heartwarming! And it did strike me that we do have the choice whether to focus on the negative or not – there is literally learning and gifts available in every negative.


There’s been so many sparkles to tag this month! Some have been plain miraculous like being out of crisps and fancying some staring at empty cupboards then a friend popping round with three carrier bags full of crisps he doesn’t like that very moment! ✨😳✨

Others more poignant like a winter sunflower popping up and opening to full bloom on a poignant anniversary. It’s an intent that will stay with me a long time.

So for November, as the visual noise of Christmas countdown begins and I notice more and more people fighting for their voice to be heard on social media my intent is Conscious Silence.

Framed by an incredibly moving experience on 11.11, marking the anniversary of the end of the First World War and five years since L lost his Uncle Michael who he shares a name with I have further realised the epic power of simple silence.

And I’ll be using it. I’ll be using it when I need to quiet my mind, use my internal voice, decide on the power of my words. And also just to notice things as the unfold in more conscious way.

Do you have a regular practise of silence? I’d love to do a silent retreat – I think it would be so revealing!

If you’d like to join in this month, I’m tagging the sparkles over on Instagram @sparklestag

With love from my family to yours,

Claire ✨