This week I feel like I began to understand so much more about it what 360 video can do and the visual conversations it can open up.

Myself and my husband are both experimenting at the same time and we have a really complimentary skillset which helps!

We’ve started to come up with ideas of things we might film and it feels exciting to have a little plan of things to shoot!!

This week, I took the camera to a family dance workshop and performance and here are the results… I remembered to smile as I’m in the 360 pics this time and my concentrating face was a bit odd on the last one! 😆

My husband stayed with the baby at home as she was sick so it meant I could show him the 360 video of our son’s performance after taking part in the workshop.

When we got home and I showed my husband the footage, he said it was brilliant to be able to actually zoom in on L in the room whilst understanding more of the space, atmosphere and the group!

When we uploaded the videos and photos to the one community (a little 360 community) I played around with a few edits and points of view. I’ve learnt that video is very different to a still photo and I’d like to take more still photos to better understand the best position to be in as I don’t think I could position the camera very well for the action here!

This week to do;

– [ ] Take more 360 photos in nature! I’m really interested in trying out some more in nature under all those autumn leaves and/ or at the beach
– [ ] Push my survey further in chronic fatigue, neurodivergent groups to try and get more feedback.
– [ ] Make contact those interested in partnerships! An exciting unplanned part of asking for feedback and ideas!
– [ ] Follow up on new creative charity partnership idea 💡

Thanks to Creative UK for funding my project and Meta 4 Dance for the guest tickets to their show Jumpers for Goalposts this week.