Eco Friendly Lifestyle (low waste)

Being creatively conscious to me in my work and life also means I need to try to be as considerate as possible to our environment and planet cutting down on waste and eliminating plastic to be completely plastic free. Aligning to the right decisions creatively in buying plastic free products, buying less, living with a capsule wardrobe and being conscious when we are out and about. <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1214" src="" alt="" width="735" height="1102" /> There are so many ways we've achieved our goals towards a plastic free future over the months.  This section of my website will share my creatively conscious knowledge with you through blogs and articles. Follow my journey from our home by the sea in Alnwick, Northumberland with snippets from my life as a mum, arts development manager, creative consultant and creativity mentor and coach. Check out my download on how we transformed our world room by room in 2018.  Also find out how we teach our little boy to be conscious of a low waste life too. Would you like to be more eco friendly and aware of your impact on the planet?  You're in the right place!  Welcome.