Creative Content Club – welcome to YOUR content creation party! 


CREATIVE CONTENT CLUB – an online self guided course and content creation club space on voxer with Creative Producer and Mentor

Claire Venus. 

Content Creation – It’s your PARTY and you get to DESIGN it exactly as you’d like and INVITE whoever you like into your beautiful space.  

My ‘Creative Content Club’ gives you the space to BETTER understand your blocks around content creation for your website, social media channels and more.


WHAT – It’s an ONLINE CLUB with a course and a ready made cheerleading gang.  

WHEN – It runs twice per year; April – Mid June & Oct-Mid Dec

If FOR small business owners, creatives, artists, people who are scared of showing up on social media, people who show up but get the freeze from time to time, people who want to be more consistent, people who aren’t sure of where to show up online, people who want to kick start their creativity or are figuring out their unique voice and space online.  It’s for you!  

HOW – It takes place on a course platform called PODIA and on voxer (a voice note app). 


WHY learn from me – I’ve been there.  I’ve made mistakes, I’ve tested models of working, I’ve shared consistently, I’ve detoxed from my phone, I’ve disappeared offline completely.  I’ve battled comparison and understanding my why and I will SHARE all of it with you.  I’ve mentored creative dreamers and thinkers for over 20 years and I can’t wait to work with you.  


Just imagine feeling CONFIDENT about the time you spend creating content, having boundaries and free of comparison… remember it’s YOUR party!   I’ll help you create a WONDERFUL bespoke plan for your content creation that makes you feel connected and unique to you.  


JUST IMAGINE… You invest some time journalling and spending time with others and focus your beautiful brain on your hurdles of content creation – you get past blocks in confidence, self limiting beliefs, comparison, overthinking and overwhelm and really start owning your voice both written and spoken. 

JUST IMAGINE – the visuals don’t trip you up anymore, you understand your unique style, your creative insight, you’ve learnt tools and work within a framework now.

You create content that CONNECTS with others and grow your confidence in posting where everything starts to feel EASY! 

I OFFER a tonne of creative insight from my 5 years of creating content online for my own company and for other people and from 20 years as a mentor in the Arts/ Heritage sector. 

We literally COVER everything BECAUSE the course is informed by you and lots of other folks building their big hearted creative brand!

You’ll go from confused to creative. 

You’ll feel ready and on fire and savvy about what you want to post where and WHY! 

You’ll be freer from self judgement and comparison and more connected. 

You’ll learn how to take YOURSELF from STUCK to UNSTUCK through unravelling the beliefs and blocks holding you back.   

You’ll learn tools you come back to again and again. 




“I’ve learnt tools and methods to embed into a content plan where I feel like I can be consistent”

“Then nagging voice telling me no one cares has quiented down SO much”

“I’ve got two new clients this week directly from posting”

“Wow I just LOVE everything about this programme it’s exactly what I needed”



CLICK the ticket button below and you’ll find an intro video from me and your payment page to pay £81 to join us.    



 – Access to a 10 week online course I created live this year with other participants just like you.  You can complete it in real time, catch up or access another time. 

 – Modules with video you can work through at your own pace.

 – Weekly journal prompts. 

 – A FREE month of voxer mentoring with me on our group voxer chat.  

– A sparkly snail mail cheerleader piece of post from me!  



CLICK the ticket button below and you’ll find an intro video from me and your payment page to pay £81 to join us TODAY.   Tell all your friends – I can’t wait to get started mid April.

Any questions email me or drop me a dm on instagram.    


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