Are you a new mum or mum to a little one under 5? 

Creativity Island is an Arts Council England Funded project which will create an online space for mums to connect, create and look after their wellbeing in 2021. 


Creativity Island – For New Mums (Coming 2021)

Hello, I’m Claire and I’m a mum and a creative.

Whilst on ‘maternity leave’ in 2021, I want to create space for a brand new community for new mums and mums with children under 5 at home in the UK. 

It’s called Creativity Island and it will be a chance to connect, up level your wellbeing practises and create together! 

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s the importance of community for our mental health and I can’t wait to share what I’ve got in store for you.   

Fill in my research survey and sign up to hear more via the link below.

Image - me in my third trimester with my second child.

A white snowy window....

Join our Facebook Group 

 I started a facebook community with my team to reach out to mums who fancied creating a festive window in December 2020, you can join it here. 


We’ll be back with more content in April 2021 and its FREE to join in.  



Read more about my story of motherhood with my first born.. 

Click here to read my blog on how I un-intentionally set up my own Creativity Islands in motherhood.


Danielle Slade with her daughter at a local duck pond

Introducing Danielle Slade.. 

Danielle is a writer and mother.  I’ve invited her to be part of the project and I can’t wait to see what we’re able to create together.  Click here to read Danielle’s blog post ‘Moments in the Mundane’ and click here to watch her youtube interview about Creativity, Motherhood and feeling content.  


Collage artwork by Josie Brookes

Introducing Josie Brookes… 

Josie is a mother to two boys (aged 5 and 8) and an artist/ illustrator and animator.

Josie will deliver a series of sessions for Creativity Island. 

You can read more about her practise and look at her products on her website and watch our youtube chat together here. 



Articles and Blogs

I write a life style blog from time to time all about being ‘Creatively Conscious and our slower paced lifestyle in Northumberland.

I also write articles for creatives drawing on my 20 years experience in the industry.  They are all here.   Enjoy!

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