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I asked some of my past clients to share their experiences of working with me. 

Asking for feedback is a regular practise that I have and I would really recommend you do it – it’s offers such magical insight.   

I have a calendar reminder to do ‘the ask’ twice per year and it works for me.  

I really feel like often our biggest fans can enable us to see our worth and value in an instant and

can also nudge us about our blind spots.  


I cannot recommend mentoring with Claire and ‘The Artist Boat’ programme enough. 

Being accountable to someone else is really effective and working with Claire was also fun and super enjoyable.”  

Claire rocks at mentoring.

She helped me see myself as a true artist and within two days of meeting her I had done my first facebook ever live video which hit 1.5k views.

I got myself in gear to build my project website. She offers clear guidance and suggests how to prioritise so everything can be done and has so much creative insight”

Laura, Lifestyle Photographer and Business Owner 


toy busses next to a window

“I am currently on my journey in my Artist Boat using the ebook and have found it SO necessary for my soul and creative work.

It is like having a therapist, friend, and spiritual guide wrapped into one beautifully written and kind-worded book.

It allows you to go at your own pace and pick it up as and when you most need it. 

As a writer, I often find myself in a rut, but have found allowing myself the time to manage my goals, look at my self-limiting beliefs, and map out my future has nourished my creative energy, and I most certainly wouldn’t have given myself the time without the activities in this book. Claire’s calm and encouraging aura in her writing makes this book a journey that ANYONE can embark on.”

Danielle Slade, writer and creative  

“I feel really fortunate to be in a strong artist team for the Voice of the Child project who are as enthusiastic about the project as I am. I absolutely LOVE having Claire as project manager, she has added a fresh angle to everything we’re doing and joined up in areas which I think would have been impossible to do as individual artists.”

Yvette Hawkins, North East based Visual and Textile Artist 

“I love the way Claire takes a really holistic approach to creativity and career, incorporating everyday wellbeing into my routine has been a breakthrough for me this year and has really helped me focus and realise some life long goals.

I’ve landed some dream gigs this year with organisations I’ve always wanted to work with and been successful with Arts Council funding but have also achieved more general personal development goals like public speaking, being more visible online and starting to plan a new business idea.”

Amy Lord, Artist and Owner of The Joy Eclectic.

toy busses next to a window

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