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  1. Being your Own Boss
  2. Staying Sane on Social Media
  3. Instagram Growth and finding your people online.
  4. Your presence online
  5. Work/ Life Balance

1. Being your Own Boss


Here are some job descriptions that I use to help frame my thinking about what role and responsibilities I need in my company Creatively Conscious… they are all me!  I like some more than others… in the beginning, I spend more time doing the stuff I liked and that effected other areas… 

Can you write yours out for all the tasks you do? Can you notice how many times a day you shift into doing different roles?

Do you want to change the way you manage your time? Perhaps you need more CEO time or need to stop distracting yourself with social media and so need a clear 1/2 day as a marketeer?

CEO Job Description

  • Setting Aims, Values, Ethics.
  • Brand Positioning.
  • SEO awareness brand development
  • Strategy include 1, 2, 5 year plans…
  • Employing the best people for the right jobs in the business
  • Finance and Fundraising including the nitty gritty
  • Partnership/ collab. development
  • Diversifying income

Marketing Manager

  • Shout outs to join mailing list
  • Send 12 emails per year
  • Understand marketing tricks ie seo, alt text, links etc
  • Do instagram – increase following
  • Do twitter – increase following

Creative Coach Job Description

  • Coaching clients – emails, in person, phone
  • Responding to what clients need when they need it
  • Updating worksheets/ blog posts and tags

Creative Content producer

  • Writing blog posts, instagram posts
  • Thinking about new channels of connecting
  • Engaging in comments/ direct messages
  • Collecting quotes from clients

Arts Management

  • Budgets/ cash flow
  • Strategy
  • Creative ideas
  • Facilitation

What other roles do you have in your business – what tasks do those roles need to do to make sure your business thrives?  Write them out in a notebook and check in with them each week until you’ve got them sussed and understand how you work with each of them…



5 Social Media Tips and Tricks for Staying Sane

  1. Decide on your parameters of ‘being present online’ – are you going to go on for inspiration and check messages, reply and post at the same time?  Is this once a day, every other day, once a week? (I post around every other day, do stories most days of whimsical things and talking ones now and again.  I go on both twitter and facebook twice a day and instagram more than I should) 😉
  2. Engage in hashtags that interest you – follow them, use them, find them – this is how you find like minded folk.  Save the ones you like in notes in your phone so you can add them to your post and other people can find your grid.
  3. Sign up to Sara Tasker’s emails if her vibe aligns with you – she’s literally the instagram queen and knows all the tips, tricks and hacks to grow and curate your account authentically!
  4. Turn notifications off so you only get them when you open the apps (this is a game changer)  We are programmed to register red flags/ notifications like ancient fear – we don’t need them in our lives.
  5. Engage in conversations that interest you and decide your parameters around how often/ time of day you do this – no one needs to get sucked into the social media vortex at 12midnight….but if you do… that’s ok (just once).  Haha

5 Instagram tips and tricks for growth

It’s a numbers game but it’s not all numbers!  I had a goal to hit 1000 followers in my first year – I didn’t but it didn’t matter because I found value being there and in other places like my blog page.   Goals are good for motivation but the numbers game can drive you off course – keep an eye on that… some tips…

  1. Set yourself up as a business account so you can see when your audience most engage with your post (my prime posting time is 8pm where most people are online and most people comment)
  2. Reply to all your comments, dms wholeheartedly and try and engage in asking more questions/ conversation like it’s real life, try not to shut it down – this boosts your post organically so instagram shows it to more people and you might even end up on the ‘explore’ page.
  3. Set yourself creative challenges each week – eg could you launch a competition to give away a piece of your artwork by engaging more followers? Start an every 3rd post quote that inspires you? Go on stories more?  You decide it’s your playground.
  4. Take photos that make people stop in their tracks. Use what you have! If you’re a florist well great but if you’re not is it realistic to use dreamy flower shots each time and is it relevant to your message?  Do you go to alot of cafes, walk past alot of interesting doors, see alot of art?  Show off your interests and your personality this way…your passions will come through your posts and your right people will connect.
  5. Think about the aesthetic of your feed – when people are deciding whether to follow you they will visit your profile – if it looks messy or un-curated they are statistically less likely to follow you.  If it’s too similar to other accounts again they might choose those folk over you… just be you  – find your style!  I quite often go back through and delete posts that I feel don’t work – it’s my space so I’m ok with it.

Work/ Life Balance

So EVERYONE is different here and at different stages of your life/ career you’ll feel differently about this.  If you are self employed there is absolutely no reason you have to work 9-5 everyday and actually I would strongly advise you don’t…why?  In short, because we are productive at different times of the day and in different seasons of the year we achieve differently too.  Sometimes we give our all towards a showcase or event and then need some downtime to recharge and a slower pace – we can fine tune our practise to understand the tasks/ things that really take it out of us but there will ALWAYS be curve balls.

If you feel you need structure, set yourself some on your terms that’s totally fine but don’t beat yourself up if you want to change it and shift things around during the week/ work in different ways and in multiple roles a day…

Try this framework to help plan your week out…and check out some of the prompts for moving forward with multiple projects simultaneously in my Seasonal Self Development workbook…and look at Freedom Planning for self enquiry too.

Your Artist Boat Downloads… 

I whole heartedly advise you use your #_white_space whenever the mood takes you – creativity can be a messy and non linear process with ideas being demanded when you don’t have them and vice versa… #_white_space demands nothing from you but accepts everything you have – it isn’t judgemental or critical, it doesn’t compare you to anyone else…

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Visit the islands you want to when you want to – notice who comes with you whether it is one of your roles or another physical person – map in time each week to island hop… every island is unique to you – there are just a few ideas here to get you started…

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 Finding your tribe…

I want to offer more ways artists and creatives can skill swap and make time to be inspired by each other – sign up to my emails and join my FB group for more on that as and when I sort it.