E-book – Digital Download – How to ‘Colour outside the Lines’ in 2022


How to ‘Colour outside the Lines’ * in 2022.

It’s time to bring those soul whispers to life!

This journal companion ‘How to Colour outside the Lines in 2022’.

It will help you;

* Set goals across work, life, wellness and family
* Set monthly intents to reflect on
* Work with (and not just set) a word of the year (mine in 2021 was Hope)
* Seek out support to bring your creative dreams to life!
* Believe in yourself for a full 365 days a year.
* Fiercely guard your energy and the people you bring in through partnerships, friendships and more.
* Look at your finances with free access to a spread sheet I’ve used for years to help pay for a home extension and saving for a wedding and a baby.

The ebook is a journal companion which means it’s meant to be used with your own notebook.

So go ahead treat yourself to a shiny new notebook.

It’s on pre-sale for £10.99 and the price will go up to £15 after New Year. It’s only available until mid January as it’s meant to serve you through the whole year so grab yours today!

Any questions just shout!

* Colour outside the Lines is a direct reference to the way the education system tries to box us in and keep us within the lines of who we are meant to be. Art and neuro diversity do the complete opposite and I’m all for anything that celebrates both.

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