Our Beautiful Reality – The Journal


My Beautiful Reality – The Journal

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Our Beautiful Reality – The Journal

A creative planner with SOUL!

Want some help to organise your thoughts and your plans over the course of a whole year?

My BRAND new creativity and mindfulness journal is here!

It will hold your hand and space for your words and ideas for a year. You can start whenever you like and it’s undated ready for you to scribble what you want there when you want to. It’s yours to make your own!

Space for your weekly gratitudes, every day magic and your BIG embodied dreams. Space to stick things in and keep a pen or two in the spine!

Price includes UK postage and gift-wrap!


As a creative, I’ve worked with the same intent my whole career – to create the things I wish existed in the world.

It’s a beautiful way to work and very community centred.

I am a huge advocate for journalling for our wellbeing. Journalling pulls me out of myself and into a world of creative flow. I can write expressively, plan, write lists and there’s space for all of those things and much more here..

Creative projects can feel like a light in the dark, a huge hug of reassurance and this was why I challenged myself to bring some of that into a very special journal.

A fusion of life, the love and admiration for the magic of journalling, creative living suggestions and gratitude and mindfulness sections.

What you can expect from the journal…

– it’s a5 size and almost 200 pages which are 120gsm in weight
– it’s spiral bound so you can keep a pen in the spine and it lays flat when you’re writing
– inside, it’s white, pastel pink with some blue hues with some visual surprises along the way too
– it has creative living, creativity, mindfulness and whole hearted journalling prompts inspired by wellbeing, the moon, the seasons, the flow of your year and my personal wellbeing and annual planning practises
– it’s has a holistic flow to invite you to think about work and life and your beautiful plans all in one beautifully designed and considered space
– it’s a mentor and cheerleader in a notebook, there are four pages of encouragement in the intro from me and other prompts dotted throughout.
– it makes a beautiful gift for a friend – drop me a line and I’ll gift wrap it for free and write a note too.
– it’s printed here in the UK
– all profit from the journal will be invested into our allotment garden space here in Northumberland (Soul Space) and making it possible for people who are struggling with their health (mental or physical) in any way to spend time here for free.

POSTAGE IS INCLUDED IN THE UK! Let me know if you’d like gift wrap or a handwritten note to a friend.

If you want me to ship overseas I can do that just drop me a message on instagram and we’ll sort out via paypal.

More of the why…

When I created my first journal – a book/ journal/ creativity hybrid for mums with young children people in 2021, asked if I would create a more generic journal. I thought – YES I could do that… I wonder what it would look like? The seed was planted!

Over my daughter’s first year, it became clear my husband’s chronic health condition wasn’t something modern medicine could fix. Over her second year, my fear of him dying from his mystery illness started to quieten down.

I won’t sugar coat it, our whole lives were turned upside down. I was completely lost navigating a pandemic, a new baby, home school and running a business. On the outside I kept up but on the inside there were days I crumbled.

Everything we thought we might be able to do changed and we realised all we really had was every new day as the perfectly packaged gift it was.

This forced us to see the beauty in the reality of our day-to-day. I navigated emotions I’d not met before (hello frustration and anger). I up-levelled by wellbeing and shut out the noise.

2022 showed us even when we were desperately emotional, frustrated or upset.

Even when Dave couldn’t get out of bed or face the day and I felt broken and so alone with the kids, there were so many beautiful moments to see and discover. More to write about that ever before. More than that, the sun always set and we always got the chance to live a new day together.

There was hope woven with gratitude and journalling and living to keep me grounded.


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