Visual Journalling with Vision Boards – Spring Course


Vision Board Workshop Ticket



🗺✨🗝🍃🕸💫 🤫 …yes!!!

We’ve had a HARD couple of years and this stuff isn’t pie in the sky – it’s hope and dreams and magic and reality all in one place… ☁️ it belongs to you and you are ALLOWED to take up space dreaming it into being. 🤗

I have taught my creative vision board process live and share some other tools that have helped me stay connected.

Want to join in?

✨We’ll be creating a 3 year AND a 6 month vision board together.

✨I’ll send you some happy post to get you tuning into what speaks to you and your vision before we start – drop me an email if you’d like this.

✂️ We will focus in on four areas of life – wellbeing, lifestyle, family and work.

✨I’ll also teach you how to USE the vision you create and make sure you are as connected to it as possible in your everyday actions.

Creating the life you wish existed and deserve is just as much about speaking it out loud as visualising how it will make you feel and the best news is you can start right now! I’ll teach you everything I know. ✨😘

Any questions just shout or drop me a dm if you’re curious! I love to talk about this stuff.

#visionboard #soulwhispers

You will need;
✨ scissors
✨magazines or leaflets
✨ access to “goodreads”
✨a3 card/ paper or a pin board and glue or pins
✨pens of your choice 💗


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