Testimonials from Organisations

“When you work with Claire you know you’re in for a treat! Claire’s creativity, consistence and clear thinking, coupled with her honest communication enables you to grow both as an individual and as an organisation. Delivering work with careful planning and confidence Claire is expert at building relationships to make space for collaboration and innovation. I wish I could work with Claire on every project I’m involved with.”

Sophie Robinson, National Trust

“Claire’s drive to make a positive impact on the community is inspirational and contagious. On a professional level her wealth of experience in the sector is evident to all who meet her and her willingness to share that experience is uplifting. Claire has a warmth in her personality that makes forming relationships, both professional and personal, seemingly easy to accomplish! She can make people feel at ease, ready to share, ask questions and achieve.”

Phillipa Compson, Youth Development Manager


“Claire’s person-centred approach, strategic thinking and significant experience supporting young people to take part in arts activity ensured that the needs and creative ambitions of project beneficiaries were at the heart of the project. Her open communication and reflective thinking built the young people’s trust and confidence in the process. Claire’s creativity, adaptability and ability to support young people with the practical and wellbeing aspects associated with being active and equal decision makers in an arts project, contributed significantly to young people feeling that the arts is for them, their voice is heard within their community and, for some, that they have now begun their own journeys as artists.”

Fran Arnold, Creative Producer, bait Museums Northumberland


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