Personal Development

A sprinkle of self awareness, delving into our creative whims and fancies,  and some mindful productivity absolutely ANYTHING is possible.

I’m a huge fan of personal development and I challenge myself to grow with monthly intents that connect to my BIG DREAMS each month and understand my own lessons as I go.  I work with mentors and coaches and really value the new spaces and places their support enables in me.

I practise all of the framework I share with my clients and you can find blogs about all that jazz here.

Would you like to work on building and launching your Artist Boat… ?

  • Perhaps your a creative who longs to launch a sustainable side line so you can be less reliant on funding applications.
  • Perhaps you’ve found your creative loves again after a long break?
  • Perhaps you have big dreams and goals around working for high profile clients?

If this sounds like you, Artist Boat can help.

A unique coaching programme for creatives, Artist Boat enables you to;

  • Align your daily tasks to building your ambitious creative longer term dream.
  • Make more space for the creative things/ projects that put fire in your belly.
  • Add magic and gratitude to your everyday through purposeful intent setting.
  • Bring focus, energy and clarity to your work, your passions and your creative ideas.
Journalling through

Your Artist Boat is a Creative Self Development package which focuses on mentoring and helping you find true alignment in your life and work.

If you feel your work and life need to feed and tune into each other and you want to feel balanced in your creative endeavours The Artist Boat is for you.

With Your Artist Boat you can understand and acknowledges the roles you want to play in your creative business or projects in a harmonious way.

The Artist’s Boat is a self guided creative coaching package supported by calls/ coffee catch ups enabling you to move you into a space where you feel aligned to your projects.

As you design your boat and the islands you want to visit… the world starts to show you where the space is for your creative expression.

The concept is simple and it’s purpose is to get you to a place where we only bring things into our boat (life) which serve us to travel to where we want to be.

In order to do this, we need to sharpen our self awareness, scrap (most of) our self limiting beliefs and unlock our inner wisdom and what best serves us in our everyday.

The programme encourages you each day to complete purposeful exercises in self awareness, reflection, body and environment in order to move towards a place where you fully commit to your life’s purpose and creative visions and projects.

I also draw on my 15 years experience in Arts Project Management to help with practical strategies, timelines, budget planning and goals, we hold get up close and personal to your self doubt and make some SERIOUS shifts together.

The Artist Boat coaching package can start whenever you like, you pay for the time we spend together within a period we set (between 1 – 24 months)

I can work with you to help unlock funding from Arts Council to do the work together too.

Need a face to face critical friend? 

I also offer one-to-one face to face sessions called ‘Coffee and Creativity’ which might be just the shorter self confidence and self awareness boost you need to head out on your next creative adventure.

If you’re ready to align with your dreams and set sail, drop me an email and I’ll be in touch!


“Claire rocks at coaching. She helped me see myself as a true artist and within two days of meeting her I had did my first live video which hit 1.5k views and got myself in gear to build my project website. She offers clear guidance and suggests how to prioritise so everything can be done and so much creative insight”

Laura, Conceptual Photographer

“I never believed it would be possible to do the things I am now, in two weeks Claire has literally catapulted me into being the best version of myself.  I am doing things I never thought possible and I feel so free.  I have a clear plan of where I’m headed and like Claire says everything has aligned to help me to deliver what I’m most passionate about”

Ashleigh, New Creative Business Owner

“I began working with Claire after realising there wasn’t a space, a means, or vocabulary in contemporary arts practice to accommodate ‘me’ Even though I shifted from traditional skill-based hand-eye, to research-based contemporary methods, there was/is still an environment of competition and an emphasis on meeting institutionalised expectations. I found I was in an environment, which ‘expected’ stress and anxiety as part of the creative process. It was only by completely removing myself did I first see the destructive effect on my family life, and on my self.

By engaging in this framework, I was refocusing my creative gesture towards my self, and in turn could begin to consider a career that resembled a healthy, conscious practice:

Healthy, in that I could direct energy and attention towards projects that, in themselves were generative and creative.”  Sarah, Mixed Media Artist


(*) The Artist Boat is inspired by my own journey through Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ in my early 20s.  I have written various blog posts relating to the programme which you can read by clicking through the category on my blog page.

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