I offer holistic person centred coaching for creatives and those who want to super charge their creativity.

It’s called The Artist Boat. (*) and it’s a re-focus and offers the chance to zoom out in a creative way with a cheerleader!

The Artist Boat – Three Months of Coaching for Creativity.

A boat, some islands, a chance to tune in….

With a sprinkle of self awareness, delving into our creative whims and fancies,  and some mindful productivity absolutely ANYTHING is possible.

I’m a huge fan of personal development and I challenge myself to grow with monthly intents that connect to my BIG DREAMS each month and understand my own lessons as I go.  I work with mentors and coaches and really value the new spaces and places their support enables in me.  In short I REALLY believe in coaching and having accountability for your work.

Freedom Planning

I practise all of the Artist Boat framework I share with my clients personally and you can find blogs about all that jazz here.

Would you like to work on building and launching your Artist Boat… ?

  • Perhaps you’re a creative who longs to launch a sustainable side line so you can be less reliant on positive funding applications.
  • Perhaps you’re a freelance creative or have been in your employed role a long time and feel burnt out and confused about your direction?
  • Perhaps you have big dreams and goals and you’re ready to take action on achieving them.
  • Perhaps you’d like to bring more creativity to your work and life?
  • Perhaps you just feel a bit at sea? 

Creating your Artist Boat can help and will give you a set of LIFE LONG TOOLS to reset and continue your self development after we’ve finished working together…

Artist Boat Coaching Session

A unique coaching programme for creatives, The Artist Boat enables you to;

  • Align your daily tasks to building your ambitious creative longer term dream.
  • Make more space for the creative things/ projects that put fire in your belly.
  • Add magic and gratitude to your everyday through purposeful intent setting.
  • Bring focus, energy and clarity to your work, your passions and your creative ideas.
  • Better understand self sabotage and your personal wellbeing.

The Artist Boat is a CREATIVE Self Development package which focuses on mentoring and helping you find true alignment in your life and work.

If you feel your work and life need to feed and tune into each other and you want to feel balanced in your creative endeavours this could be the programme for you.

With Your Artist Boat you can understand and acknowledges the roles you want to play in your creative business or projects in a harmonious way.

How we can work together… 

Here’s the thing, I’m already in your appreciation club!  I have embodied experience of being creative, being frustrated, being burnt and burnt out and undervalued and I HONESTLY get it!

The Artist’s Boat is a self guided creative coaching package supported by calls/ coffee catch ups enabling you to move you into a space where you feel aligned to your projects.

As you design your boat and the islands you want to visit… the world starts to show you where the space is for your creative expression.  It also shows you why some of your ideas/ goals might have just been slightly out of reach.

The concept is simple and it’s purpose is to get you to a place where we only bring things into our boat (life) which serve us to travel to where we want to be.

In order to do this, we need to sharpen our self awareness, scrap (most of) our self limiting beliefs and unlock our inner wisdom and what best serves us in our everyday.

The programme encourages you each day to complete purposeful exercises in self awareness, reflection, body and environment in order to move towards a place where you fully commit to your life’s purpose and creative visions and projects.

I also draw on my 17 years experience in Arts Project Management to help with practical strategies, timelines, forward planning, budget planning and goals.

We get up close and personal to your self doubt and make some SERIOUS shifts together.


The Artist Boat coaching package is priced from £350 for a three month journey and has four intakes per year – January, April, July and October.

The package includes a 90 minute coaching session via zoom and UNLIMITED email follow ups with a 90 minute wrap up zoom call.

Need a face to face critical friend? 

I also offer one-to-one face to face sessions called ‘Coffee and Creativity’ for £150 per session which might be just the shorter self confidence and self awareness boost you need to head out on your next creative adventure or fine tune your strategy.

If you’re ready to align with your dreams and set sail, drop me an email and I’ll be in touch!  And I LOVE questions so let me know if you have any!!

(*) The title of the programme is inspired by my experience taking part in Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist Way’ in my early 20s.

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Kind Words

“I love the way Claire takes a really holistic approach to creativity and career, incorporating everyday wellbeing into my routine has been a breakthrough for me this year and has really helped me focus and realise some life long goals. I‘ve landed some dream gigs this year with organisations I’ve always wanted to work with and been successful with Arts Council funding
I’ve also achieved more general personal development goals like public speaking, being more visible online and starting to plan a new business idea.I cannot recommend the Artist Boat programme enough, having to be accountable to someone else is really effective but working with Claire was also fun and super enjoyable.”   

Amy Lord, Artist and owner of The Joy Eclectic 

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Freedom Planning


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