The Artist Boat

Set sail into your voyage of personal and creative development today!

With Claire Venus


  • Perhaps you’re a creative who longs to launch a sustainable side line so you can diversify your income.
  • Perhaps you’re a freelance creative or have been in your employed role a long time and feel burnt out and confused about your direction?
  • Perhaps you have big dreams and goals and you’re ready to take action on achieving them.
  • Perhaps you’d like to bring more creativity to your work and life?
  • Perhaps you just feel a bit ‘at sea’ right now? 


 Creating your Artist Boat can help and will give you a set of LIFE LONG TOOLS to reset and continue your self development after we’ve finished working together…


Create your very own boat and your design your anchor (no drawing skills required)

Discover your very own Islands - your unique spaces to spend time being creative

Follow invitations to weave in personalised wellbeing each week

Switch on your Lighthouse - your beacon of light to keep you on course

Helping you discover MORE about your Creativity with person centred mentoring

Do you feel like you want to connect on a deeper level to your most creative self ?

I’ve had an incredible career in Arts Management for over 20 years and I’m so super excited to share my mentoring methods with you via The Artist Boat.

I help with practical strategies, timelines, forward planning, budget planning and goals.

We get up close and personal to your self doubt and make some SERIOUS shifts together. 

I’ve been practising these methods  for three years and I have achieved some huge life long financial, spirtual and creative goals as part of the process.  The best news is – you can too!!

FAQ –  The Artist Boat 


Can I work with you one to one? YES! Through a three Month Mentoring Programme

We meet (online) to discuss your goals around creativity, wellbeing, career and home.   I support you for three months step by step to make changes to your life to support your goals.

Are you a life coach?

No I’m a Creative Producer and Mentor with over 15 years mentoring experience.  I’m wife to a yoga teacher and coach but my methods are based in mentoring not coaching.

What's the difference between a coach and a mentor?

I hold space for your creative dreams.  I ask questions to prompt your creative thinking and design a manageble plan based on methods I follow myself to help move you towards your best ever life/work/ creativity balance.   I’m a cheerleader and creative thinker and I want to share my skills with you. 

Why The Artist Boat really works… 

I’ve worked with lots of ‘mentors’ and ‘coaches’ over the years in all sorts of ways.

I’ve bought and completed e-courses, had career development mentoring, life coaching, business coaching and more.  I’ve loved spending time immersed in books by some incredible women who light sparks in me by sharing their methods.    Personal development is a life long pursuit but there is SO much you can learn and implement yourself.  

I created ‘The Artist Boat’ to create balance and bring something completely new to the market.  

To make my finances work, I was consistently burning myself out taking on too many creative projects, balancing motherhood, the domestic load and my wellbeing practises were always the first thing to slip. 

For over three years I’ve had the best balance ever between home life, personal wellbeing and my creative dreams and I can teach you how. 


The Artist Boat – How It Works

The concept is simple and it’s purpose is to get you to a place where we only bring things into our boat (life) which serve us to travel to where we want to be.

In order to do this, we sharpen our self awareness, scrap (most of) our self limiting beliefs and unlock our inner wisdom and what best serves us in our everyday.

The programme encourages you each day to complete purposeful exercises in self awareness, reflection, body and environment in order to move towards a place where you fully commit to your life’s purpose and creative visions and projects.

Choose which package is right for you...

You can work with me one to one, buy my ebook or online course.  If you know how you learn best and the type of accountability you need one may stand out more than another.

If you need help deciding just drop me a line or read some reviews.


Receive your Package

Whichever package you go for you can be sure I’m here to be your cheerleader and there are lots of clients you can connect with my following my hashtag on instagram too.  Search #theartistboat

Reach Your Creative Goals

Launch your creative business, win that contract, get a series of sucessful funding applications.

Weave in more time for wellness, creativity or spirtual development.  I’m here to help with your holistic way forward that will be personal to you and influence the rest of your life.  

A unique coaching programme for creatives!

The Artist Boat enables you to;

  • Align your daily tasks to building your ambitious creative longer term dream.
  • Make more space for the creative things/ projects that put fire in your belly.
  • Add magic and gratitude to your everyday through purposeful intent setting.
  • Bring focus, energy and clarity to your work, your passions and your creative ideas.
  • Better understand self sabotage and your personal wellbeing.

The Artist Boat is a CREATIVE Self Development package which focuses on mentoring and helping you find true alignment in your life and work.

If you feel your work and life need to feed and tune into each other and you want to feel balanced in your creative endeavours this could be the programme for you.

With your Artist Boat you can understand and acknowledges the roles you want to play in your creative business or projects in a harmonious way.

Buy my ebook and take yourself through a self guided version of The Artist Boat

My 34 page ebook guides you through 12 different creative excercises to help remove your creative blocks and get to know your inner creative.  Even if you have a creative job you will be AMAZED at the blocks following this programme with remove for you. 


3 Month Mentoring Package

My mentoring package is incredibly good value because I believe in the power of what’s possible in just two one-to-one sessions together with space in between for me to be your BIGGEST cheerleader and accountability buddy.  Includes x 2 zoom calls and unlimited email follow ups.

If you want to sign up with a friend you can do that and receive a MASSIVE discount of £200 per person!  

More Details

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E-Course (Coming Soon) 

Month long interactive e-course.  

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