Your Artist Boat eBook

Set sail into your very own voyage of personal and creative development today with my specially created ebook


The Artist Boat ebook will;

  • Help you see your blind spots when it comes to growing your creative practise/ and business. 
  • Help you understand and cultivate your  big dreams and goals and get you ready to take action on achieving them.
  • Bring  more creativity to your work and life to impact your mood and get you celebrating your unique gifts

 Join hundreds of other small business owners in creating your very own Artist Boat .

My ebook will give you a set of LIFE LONG TOOLS to reset and continue your self development long after you’ve read and completed your journey… 

Let’s get super passionate about how truly taking care of our wellbeing super charges our creativity and share our gifts with the world!  

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Kind words/ feedback on the eBook

“I set myself a goal to have paid my mortgage off and I achieved it… I really believe in the visualising and commitment exercises in Claire’s books.” 

“It’s like having a therapist, friend, and spiritual guide wrapped into one beautifully written and kind-worded book.

It allows you to go at your own pace and pick it up as and when you most need it.”  

“As a writer, I often find myself in a rut, but have found allowing myself the time to manage my goals, look at my self-limiting beliefs, and map out my future has nourished my creative energy, and I most certainly wouldn’t have given myself the time without the activities in this book. Claire’s calm and encouraging aura in her writing makes this book a journey

that ANYONE can embark on.”



Your Artist Boat eBook

how it works

The concept and analogy is simple and it’s purpose is to get you to a place where we only bring things into our boat (life) which serve us to travel to where we want to be.

In order to do this, we sharpen our self awareness, scrap (most of) our self limiting beliefs and unlock our inner wisdom and what best serves us in our everyday.

The programme is one of self development and self discovery and encourages you each day to complete purposeful exercises in self awareness, reflection, body and environment in order to move towards a place where you fully commit to your life’s purpose and creative visions and projects.

The book meets you where you’re at – you don’t have to have done any self development or creative journalling before. 



cBuy my ebook and take yourself through a self guided version of my professional mentoring package. 

My 58 page eBook guides you through 12 weeks of different creative exercises to help remove your creative blocks and get up close and personal with your inner creative.    You don’t need to complete it in 12 weeks.  You can set the timeline! 

What is ‘the eBook’?
The Artist Boat is an eBook which invites you on a journey to super charge your wellbeing and ignite your creativity. 

There are practical tips, advice and stories from my 20 year career as a mentor and Creative Producer peppered with journal prompts to help you smash through your self limiting beliefs and design the creative life your soul whispers IS possible.  

I wrote the book to make “mentoring” affordable and you are free to guide yourself through it at your own pace and start whenever you’d like!!


I follow ‘The Artist Boat’ process I designed every 3 months so you can find out more about how that works for me in real life as you go.   

As a reminder, if you buy the book this month you get it for the special price of £15 (*) and ALSO;

  • Monthly mentoring emails – these emails tackle practical problems we can come across as creatives and how to ‘self coach’ ourselves to move through any blocks or sticking points.
  • Monthly journalling prompts to super charge your wellbeing and ignite your creativity with a focus on reflection and planning. 
  • FREE Lifetime updates of the eBook every time I update it.  (NB I’m heading into 9 months of maternity leave come December ’20 so the next update will be September 2021) 
  • Access to my members area with FREE download sheets to compliment the workbook and audio and video mentor sessions (as and when I record them). 

NB – sign up opt in is required.  The link is at the end of the book.  

Buy The Artist Boat eBook – a 12 week journey to supercharge your wellbeing and ignite your creativity just click HERE and pop in your PayPal details and you can download the eBook straight onto your phone or desktop.

You will be AMAZED at the blocks following this programme with remove for you.   

Read some kind words from other folks who have read and implemented some of the suggestions in the eBook.  




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