Below are some special gift downloads I’ve put together with creative tools I use myself in my work and life to aid you on your journey of self enquiry, development and creative growth…

Tips for Tuning into your Creativity and Wellbeing Wholeheartedly 

I am so passionate about sharing ideas and creativity with the world and create free downloads and workbooks to connect people to their purpose on the planet, their passions and soul work.

Just click the highlights below and get ready to celebrate your creative gifts in all their glory.

You can print them if you like or follow along in a beautiful notebook of your own.  I’d advice a different notebook for all the elements of your creative being and planning – this gives us purpose and helps avoid distraction.

Creating space to sketch out and write can fuel your creativity more than you thought ever possible, the hardest thing is just to start sometimes; pen in one hand, hot cup of something in the other….


Commit to the flashing moments of inspiration you might ordinarily dismiss with White Space . 

You never know where they might take you…

TAG THE SPARKLES – If you enjoy when life throws in a spot of unexplained magic…this one’s for you.  This works with any calendar or diary – just add a gold spot, star or circle when your path crosses something beautiful that reminds you how FABULOUS it is to be alive and use #tagthesparkles on instagram if you fancy…

(My most recent sparkle, is seeing a deer galloping (do they gallop) on the way home from the school run.


“We all have the same 24 hours as Beyonce!”

If you love creativity and long to prioritise your wellbeing but can’t seem to find the time, Creative Freedom-planning can help.

I use time blocking and a mindset based approach to map out each week to ensure I have enough time for the things I adore.

Freedom Planning in practise

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Claire x


PS – YOUR 5 NEW BEST FRIENDS – My partner Manos and I have written a letter for anyone feeling alone and isolated which includes some space to connect to my Creatively Conscious practises and to movement and breath in Dave’s video’s too.  You can download Your 5 new best friends and send to a friend today.

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