Kind Words and Client Stories

Creatively Conscious Mentoring…client catch ups 

I catch up with each of my clients at the end of our time together and ask what being engaged in Creatively Conscious practises for a while has meant for them…

Ashleigh wanted to balance self discovery with starting a new business…

“I was in love with the whole idea of coaching and Freedom Planning, every day I had time set aside to concentrate on me, not my daughter, not my partner or my family or friends just me a little bit of time, for me to look at my life.

I looked at my past my present and my future and how to manage the areas I felt weakest in.  Claire helped me to find self-awareness and empower my strengths, which is amazing for me as my weakness used to drag me down.

I learned how to download my thoughts that were racing around my brain making me feel  exhausted and drained I now prioritise the important parts and let go of the other stuff as it’s not important in the bigger picture.

I have give up on chasing pennies and following my heart knowing my worth, I am truly grateful for the opportunity and am not scared of the future anymore as it’s in my hands completely “

Susan dived into Freedom Planning (my free workbook) to re-motivate herself in her creative projects outside of work…

“I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering what I love doing and that I’m actually at my happiest right now and that with some planning I can feel calmer and more productive and have time for myself.”

Sarah worked with me for 10months and transformed the way she saw herself as a creative, here’s a couple of excepts from both her early and later feedback on her Artist Boat experience… 

“I am enjoying bursts of creative energy that have been previously directed elsewhere, AND not really been able to identify where this energy needs to go. By engaging in this framework, I recognise I am refocusing my creative gesture towards my self, and in turn can begin to consider a career that resembled a healthy, conscious practice: Healthy, in that I can direct energy and attention towards projects that, in themselves were generative and creative.

I am more aware of my own cycles of creativity and external natural cycles which I can use as a foundation to plan research, creation, exhibit, or rest.

I recognise the value the non-time of rest, or ‘not art’ to be formally planned into work, because it is a part of creative process, and possibly the most abused aspect: through university and then prospective opportunities as a self-employed artist, I was constantly in affect, being both triggered and then in recovery in a cycle which mirrored the affect of trauma so coloured expectation and recreated destructive cycles.

In a culture still recognises large public gestures and recognises success in large amounts of money, there is so much opportunity for the individual to feel their own self of worth eroded, ‘Artists Boat’ is a powerful alternative gesture to the reiterating cultural patterns that only serve a relatively small section of the community.”

***I love the way Claire takes a really holistic approach to creativity and career, incorporating everyday wellbeing into my routine has been a breakthrough for me this year and has really helped me focus and realise some life long goals.I’ve landed some dream gigs this year with organisations I’ve always wanted to work with and been successful with Arts Council funding but have also achieved more general personal development goals like public speaking, being more visible online and starting to plan a new business idea.I cannot recommend the Artist Boat programme enough, having to be accountable to someone else is really effective but working with Claire was also fun and super enjoyable.  Amy, Multi-disciplinary Artist 

“Claire rocks at coaching. She helped me see myself as a true artist and within two days of meeting her I had did my first live video which hit 1.5k views and got myself in gear to build my project website. She offers clear guidance and suggests how to prioritise so everything can be done and so much creative insight”

Laura, Conceptual Photographer

“I never believed it would be possible to do the things I am now, in two weeks Claire has literally catapulted me into being the best version of myself.  I am doing things I never thought possible and I feel so free.  I have a clear plan of where I’m headed and like Claire says everything has aligned to help me to deliver what I’m most passionate about”

Ashleigh, New Creative Business Owner

“I began working with Claire after realising there wasn’t a space, a means, or vocabulary in contemporary arts practice to accommodate ‘me’ Even though I shifted from traditional skill-based hand-eye, to research-based contemporary methods, there was/is still an environment of competition and an emphasis on meeting institutionalised expectations. I found I was in an environment, which ‘expected’ stress and anxiety as part of the creative process. It was only by completely removing myself did I first see the destructive effect on my family life, and on my self.

By engaging in this framework, I was refocusing my creative gesture towards my self, and in turn could begin to consider a career that resembled a healthy, conscious practice:

Healthy, in that I could direct energy and attention towards projects that, in themselves were generative and creative.”  Sarah, Mixed Media Artist


(*) The Artist Boat is inspired by my own journey through Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ in my early 20s.  I have written various blog posts relating to the programme which you can read by clicking through the category on my blog page.