For those of you who have been reading for a while, you’ll know I love to chat about the meetings I have as part of my work with artists and creatives in my Coffee and Creativity posts.

Bethanie and I decided to meet in the morning and get our coffee fix in the most delightful surrounding. We met when the February snow was just starting to melt at our local spa where the coffee is on tap and the environment is tranquil.

We spent 2.5 hours talking about being creative online! This was our focus… to share tips, frustrations, inspirations and more.

Bethanie and I decided we would act as a critical friend for each other and the first phase of that was for us to tell each other 10 reasons we liked/ read each other’s work!

We talked about our challenges and monthly and yearly goals. Podcasts/ videos/ people who inspire us and whether we could host a blogging event up here in Alnwick!

I’ve always been so inspired by working in partnership or collaboration with other people and I was literally over the moon when I realised Bethanie wrote a blog and a brilliant one at that! She also has a YouTube channel and really helped coach me when I was terrified of talking to camera!

Bethanie really gave me the confidence to publish my first few posts and to grow my presence on Instagram telling me she loves to read what I have to say and that there’s a space for everyone online!

I’ve never felt threatened or worried about competition in my freelance work just move driven to figure out my place and as Bethanie calls it the niche space to be which is super important when blogging.

I’m slowly working through how I can use my creative space online to share more about the arts world I love so much and offer alignment coaching packages and products to others. I LOVE doing this work in person with people and I’m hoping I find the best way to work with it in the digital sphere!

Also learning lots about hashtags, Instagram stories, SEO, mailchimp, canva and website hosting in the process which actually makes me kind of proud! Self learnt stuff is so fun when you crack it!

Watch this space for more Coffee and Creativity posts coming soon!!  and click here if you’d like to subscribe to Bethanie’s beautiful blogs and YouTube!