Earlier this month I met fellow blogger and wellbeing enthusiast Sophie of Headspace North East

Sophie and I met up in Newcastle for morning coffee as our original meet up was postponed due to  snow. 

You might be familiar with my “Tea and Creativity” series which is all about my meet ups with creatives and artists as part of the work I do. “Coffee and Creativity” is part of a series I started to frame my curiosity around the digital world and reciprocal self development with mums who choose to tell their story online.

Sophie is doing the Digital Mums course which sounds absolutely brilliant… my friend Jess also did this course when on maternity leave and now works using the skills she learnt. I love this philosophy of “work that works” – if you’re reading and a working mum you’ll know the struggle there is real!

(Photo from Colour to the Grey project) (c) Jason Thompson.

Sophie brought her gorgeous little girl along to our meeting and we kept her occupied with peppa pig, pens and snacks while we had a chat!

It was so lovely to share stories of how we’ve both come to be blogging and instagramming. I loved having her daughter there as part of our meet up and it reminded me of all the times I’ve tried to weave my little one into my work… it’s both possible and impossible – I feel like Sophie and I should write a top tips to taking your toddler to meetings 

Sophie has 3 children (hats off!) and is super passionate about unlocking ways into ensuring wellbeing and understanding mental health with her family!

You can read more of Sophie’s journey on her website…

From DIGITAL MUMS website…

“Gain in-demand social media knowledge and finally discover fulfilling work that fits your family life – no experience necessary. Whether you’re currently at home and looking to reboot your career or need a digital skills upgrade, you’ll be job-ready on graduation. Join the hundreds of Digital Mums who already have #WorkThatWorks.”

I really admire Sophie’s honesty and openness online and have learnt some great digital tips from her.

We are hoping to work together again and will of course be staying in touch and connected on our social media. Sophie inspired me to make friends with twitter again- I’ve kind of ignored it for a while but it sounds like there are great conversations going on so I think I might jump in from time to time.

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