On Sunday I had my final session with one of my clients who has been on my 14day transformational programme over cups of tea and lemon cake.

This particular programme was focussed on inviting more creativity and creative thinking in order to make space for productivity. She is already a super organised person in her family life.

She has worked so hard to understand and track her blocks, frustrations and goals this past two weeks.

She has increased her self awareness ten fold and really made so much progress in finding creative solutions to her challenges!

It’s always an absolute pleasure to work with people who are open to change and a shift in mindset and I learn so much from individual response to the experiences and tasks I set.

This post is in gratitude to being invited in to her world and the honesty she shared.

I often get asked what exactly it is I do with my coaching… what I say is;

“I open up space for productive people to be more creative and creative people to be more productive in order to find alignment”

I often get asked if I am a life coach but the only answer I have is that I’m a mentor that helps people think in a non linear and creative way increasing alignment using creative methods – maybe I’ll be able to shorten that one day…

I’ve had life coaching – it was great but it didn’t align me it just moved me forwards.

This client was happy before but felt frequently stressed but now she’s so excited and driven.

So many opportunities have come her way since we started the programme and lifted her blocks to make space for them.

You can read her full testimonial here!

If you’re curious about what being creatively conscious can do for you, drop me a line!

Claire x