It’s been wonderful collaborating with Andersen Press and Sheena Dempsey on this very special project which was as my friend put it “right up my street”!

So we were SUPER excited when Fearne Cotton’s book ‘Yoga Babies’ came out earlier in the year! I think she’s done a cracking job and Sheena Dempsey’s illustrations bring the humour and the cuteness to life!

We love to read it together in our yoga room at home or before bed and the little one copies all the poses as we go! Hilarious when we have to stop so he can show us how he reaches his toes to his nose!

Asana practise in Yoga is very close to my heart ❣- I’ve practised for years and my labour would have been a completely different ball game without it! Practising yoga with Leander is just as funny as the book makes out and my classes with him in the early days at Yoga Therapies in Heaton and here in Shilbottle really made such a positive difference to my day.

The little one has copied us doing our Yoga since he was able to crawl – Babies instinctively want to try out different moves and get to know their bodies and so with Dave being a Yoga Teacher and regularly stretching he was naturally curious!

I put the event plan together with local yoga teacher and friend Lynn Campbell – Lynn is an absolute creative inspiration – she’s constantly vibrant and her practise is rooted in work with early years, performance and movement! She’s wonderful to work with and it all came together really easily over a couple of breakfast meetings at Barter Books in Alnwick near where we both live and a little research and development with children.

Dave and I tried out the event idea together at after school club and it worked so well – it was so funny having the children work through some of the poses delighted with their own bodies and what they can do and my favourite part was when they made their little snuggle nest at the end! Just gorgeous! They were so into it! Lynn also teaches children regularly so was able to practise and get their input and find out what worked!


The events in the North East were a sold out success! It felt like we could have done a week’s run! It’s a perfect introduction to yoga and such a great pitch with so many families trying Yoga for the first time when they have children. I really enjoyed the blur of boundaries between arts and wellbeing and being in my bare feet at work for two days!

We had planned a simple introduction to Yoga inspired by the poses in the book, some storytelling accompanied by Sheena’s wonderful illustrations to really bring the book to life and leave children and parents inspired to do more! Sheena signed each book with a personalised inscription and a hand drawn yoga baby! Super cute!!

All of the events went really well – the children’s impromptu interactions and gorgeous energy kept Lynn on her toes and made for beautiful shapes and gorgeous moments between families, children under 6 and babies.

I also had a peak into Seven Stories new exhibition “Time to Get up” which is especially for early years so will have to go back with the family.

I’m so happy to have worked on such a beautiful event and it has really reminded me how much I love this type of work and I want to say a huge thanks to Debs and Chris at Yoga Therapies, Rose at Seven Stories, Caireen, Lynn, Ula, Sheena and Paul for reminding me of how much I love the magic of early years events and how brilliant it is when you are respected and thanked wholeheartedly for the work you do. We don’t save lives in the arts but then sometimes we kind of do!


If you’re in the North East and want to grab a copy of Yoga Babies Yoga Therapies in Heaton and Seven Stories book shop have some left! Waterstones in Newcastle were sold out but they can order for you. The paperback comes out soon too! 🎈💕