I absolutely love the work I do!

I feel like as a creative facilitator this month the work has been bountiful, diverse and both challenging and life changing!

One of the contracts I have at the moment is with National Trust! I was delighted when back in January I was invited to talk to the team who manage visitor experience and volunteers at Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island.

Holy Island is an island accessible by causeway at least once per day on the Northumberland Coast. It’s about a 45minute drive from our home.

The conversation was an informal chat about the way I work and the possible connection points between their Building Partnerships programme.


Today, after a Β£3million refurbishment and restoration Lindisfarne Castle is re-opening with a brave and bold invitation.


The beautifully named experience is the brainchild of Anya Gallaccio, a Turner Prize nominated artist πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ and creative who’s past works include collaborations with chocolate and crystal!

Her work at Lindisfarne Castle takes inspiration from Gertrude Jekkel’s walled garden there and that’s all I’ll say for now!

Part of my work has been to meet young people who live on or close to the island to find out more about their connection to Lindisfarne Castle, contemporary art and journey with them in experiencing the Castle through this incredible collaboration.

National Trust’s programme “Trust New Art” is an incredible contemporary art programme that celebrates “the spirit of Our places”

I’ll just share a couple of the highlights here to give you an insight into the vibrancy and energy the young people have brought to my research…I’ve spoken to nearly fifty people and all of them are super keen to see the work which opens this weekend!

✨ “Yes, I’ve been there – I saw loads of Sea Rabbits when I went” – what’s a Sea Rabbit? “You know a rabbit that lives at the beach” Shilbottle Squid Squad member

✨ “Oh it would be amazing to dance there, we could do a duet with Anya meeting a character from the castle’s history!” Dansformation young people’s dance collective

✨ ” I love to kayak, I see seals EVERY-TIME i go out there” J, islander

✨”Living here all of our lives, the Castle used to be our playground really – it’s part of our home” M, islander

✨ “We could have a huge picnic there for everyone with crisps and chocolate and broccoli” Archie

✨ “it would be brilliant if we could design a different type of invitation to other young people – could we?”

I’ll share updates on my Instagram page over the weekend and blog again soon – I can’t wait to see how the conversations develop this weekend!