Recently some young people I work with asked me what my job title was and if I considered myself an artist…


I do enjoy a bit of direct questioning! πŸ˜‚

Letting go of any self limiting beliefs I honestly don’t see myself as “an artist” but most definitely a “creative”

I don’t usually worry too much about what my title is/ what a client wants to call my role as it’s often just to fit in with a set of skill sets they already have!

Here are the job titles I’ve had in the last few years…

  1. Festival Manager
  2. Strategic lead for Arts Development
  3. Engagement co-ordinator
  4. Producer and project manager
  5. Project manager
  6. Fundraiser
  7. Volunteer fundraiser
  8. Arts Development Manager
  9. Young people’s programme co-ordinator
  10. Director
  11. Creative Facilitator
  12. Creative mentor
Lindisfarne Castle – working here is an ABSOLUTE delight


When I sat down at the end of last year to write my work ethics and values I realised it was time to tighten up the types of job I wanted to be doing but also be open to what comes my way.


There are parts of my work I love and there are parts I find more tedious and tricky! Asking for help and support with those parts has been an absolute game changer! #riskassesments


At the moment, I’m working on five projects that are all due to finish in September 2018. βœ¨πŸ’. Financially it means I don’t really know what’s next but honestly it gives me more freedom that it does fear. There are people I’d love to work with again and shifts and changes in the sector I won’t even know about until they arrive.


One of the jobs I’m doing at the moment I applied for, the other four I was brought in to do. I’ve worked in the North East since I was 22 and always in the same field so it’s nice to be invited in based on my skill set.


Have I ever questioned what I do? Sure! Do I sometimes dream of opening a beach front cafe in Bali – of course! But on the whole I’m really happy in the work I do and feel very grateful for that.


It’s my aim this year to grow my creative mentoring and reach more people with it I position all of it under three strands with both wellbeing and creativity at the core – you can read about here

If you’re interested in finding out more I’d love to hear from you!