So it’s been over a year since I logged into my facebook.   I’ve been considering going back there but I’ll tell you what’s stopping me – THE NOISE.  I’m working with an amazing creative coach at the moment – Jen Carrington and one of the prompts she gives is to create a content eco system for your business and know what it’s for.

This really speaks to me as I feel to be whole-heartedly connected to a life that feels more simple, less noisy, less overwhelming there is no reason for me to hang out on multiple social media platforms.  So I choose instagram for Creatively Conscious and twitter for Arts Management conversation in the main.

I write blogs to share news, to connect with clients and audience and have mailchimp in the background which at the moment, I’m working out what goes there.

Do I feel I’m missing out?  No.  Do I need to see anything on facebook? No.

So for me, I’ve answered my own question… what do you feel you need for your creative life and business?  Do you dabble in all the platforms or focus on a few?  For me, to hear my own voice loud enough I need LESS noise.  I need to consume far less.

I’m ever striving to be conscious about what I share online, avoid the scrolling vortex and understand on a deeper level what digital Claire wants to share and why.    And what I’ve learnt is I just think I’ve mastered it and then I change my mind.

What’s right for you online in the online creation of your voice will be completely different to the next person?

I follow people I would have a coffee with, I reply to people who write lovely things – there isn’t any space for negativity in my online home.  I’m not interested in influencing, the numbers game or clever tricks to increase reach – I can be creative and playful with hashtags and not attached to the outcome.  Those who connect to what I chat about find me and sit on my virtual sofa and I’m so glad to pass them another cookie!