“Can I meet a penguin and can it ride in my booster seat?”

When I was driving earlier today, my little boy asked why there was a penguin pictured on the side of a refrigerated van.   Fair question.

Following about 7 more questions from my four year old, I had to explain that people associate penguins with cold places and that there weren’t any penguins in the van!!

The conversation was beautiful in the way that children’s discoveries and subsequent questions are and I was able to tell him all about the Antarctic.

When we have these conversations, my responsibility to him and his children really flares up – I am so hyper aware that I quite often find myself feeling overwhelmed at our responsibility.

BUT we do have a choice and a chance to improve the trajectory of our planet and it’s all in the decisions we make as consumers!

Refillable cleaning products – the newest way to save the planet? 

Team Splosh

Introducing TEAM Splosh

I was delighted when relatively new kid on the block Splosh asked me to work with them (*).

In 2018 I transformed our entire home (nearly) zero waste room by room.  It was a lot easier than I thought and it’s because I broke my huge goal down into actionable steps.

You can read about it here and make your own notes on your own rooms and spaces if you like; A Plastic Free Home… Room by Room 2018

I love to burn essential oil to make our home smell lovely but, I’ve never liked the synthetic smell of cleaning products.  I prefer neutral and natural smells.

We’ve been cleaning our home with cider vinegar, white vinegar and bicarb with a variety of cloths and a steam mop for a good 18months now and it’s been brilliant.

The only plastic in our bathroom is from a bottle of bleach which I try to use sparingly.    However, I was really interested in the ethos of Splosh

who say;

“We have a unique approach to plastic waste taking responsibility for the plastic through it’s life and by-passing the supermarkets.  The majority of our ingredients are plant based and we NEVER test on animals”

So how does it work with mail order cleaning products work in practise?

Eco friendly and compostable packaging – these guys have thought of everything!

  1. You buy a starter kit of the products you normally use from Splosh directly and they send the products in tough plastic spray or pump bottles in eco friendly home compostable packaging.  You can choose from a wide range from £1.75 per bottle including…
  • Washing up liquid
  • Laundry detergent
  • Floor cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Dishwasher tablets
  • Handwash and shower gel

Splosh Washing Up Liquid varieties

2. You use the products until they are nearly empty and then order refills via the app or online (which are even cheaper than your initial investment) directly from Splosh to your door.

3. Once you have 8 empty refill packets you can send them back to Splosh to be recycled meaning you never have to ‘bin’ a plastic bottle again. (*) enabling 97% less waste than buying products from the supermarket.

So how does the price of Splosh compare to ‘market leaders sold in supermarkets? 

At the time of writing, market leader Fairy Liquid was 0.25p per 100ml v Splosh which is 0.39p per 100ml

Carex hand-wash was 0.36p peer 100ml v Splosh which is 0.46p

So yes it’s more expensive from the leading competitor across it’s product range but you get all these great benefits…

  • ALL the ingredients are derived from plants and natural – they won’t damage your kitchen, bathroom or floors like harsh chemicals can.
  • Splosh smells beautiful – the scents are fresh and natural smelling and you can choose from scents like ‘Clementine and Lemon, Almond (my personal fave) or Pomegranate and Melon’ – divine!
  • The ingredients are kind to your hands, don’t strip off our natural oils and of course work in harmony with the planet
  • The packaging is thoughtful – no more ‘shouty’ advertising in your bathroom – it’s subtle and the pastel colours in clear bottles are so lovely to look at and use.

My bathroom after the Splosh treatment

We have HUGE influence as consumers and I am so glad to be in a position to be conscious about where and who I’m spending my money with.  I’m really happy with all the Splosh products I’ve used and will definitely be continuing to get refills of the Mint toilet cleaner, Almond floor cleaner and Washing-up liquid.

Do you fancy giving re-fillable a go too?  Something to think about for sure!  If you’d like a discount code use this if you spend over £15  – J8J9OQ,  This will give a £3 discount on a first time bottles purchase.

Save our beautiful planet

(*) The lovely team at Splosh sent me some products to try but all these opinions are my own.

(**) You might think “oh well I just put my plastic bottles in the recycling” but did you hear theres now a huge island just of just plastic we’ve all used waiting to be recycled?

We need to consume FAR less to save the planet and focus on redistributing our resources on the things that are most important like saving the Polar Bears!




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