What’s your wellbeing and creativity budget each month?  

Do you have one?  Could you make one?  If creativity if important to you and you feel like it enhances your life I would really recommend investing in your fancies and whims.  What’s more, it’s REALLY cheap to enhance your creativity so you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

For me, it’s definitely a conscious decision to invest in wellbeing and creativity each month.  I have a spa membership which means weekly swims and saunas and it just makes me a much more balanced human.

This year, I also decided to carve out time for a big injection of creative tutoring each season.   I am creative in my work a lot but felt like after all the decisions in our house extension were done I didn’t really pick anything else up.

Your tools and how to find them… 

I love working with wool and paper.  I like to knit things, knot things and transform things but I’m not very neat so too many scientific restrictions dampen my creative spirit.  What creative tools do you reach for?  Do you have a favourite set of colours you write with?  Lined or gridded notebook?

Sharpening your understanding on the tools you love to use and why can really help you on your way with finding the place you feel most creative.

I decided to extend my interest in paper first and look at different workshops this year.   I didn’t have any rules or criteria, I just decided to see what popped up that looked interesting.

Ready to start!

So in Winter, I took part in a book making workshop… your can read about it here.

For Spring, I tried Paper Marbling and I think it’s the BEST thing ever!

What is Paper Marbling?

An empty bath... with a test piece of marbling


It’s an ancient technique of creating colour patterns on a surface of water (and a seaweed solution) and printing paper from the design.  It’s an intuitive process in so many ways and is said to have originated in Turkey.

I did my session at my local art centre Drywater Arts.

Mixing colours in the seaweed solution

It cost £35 for a 3 hour session including all materials, tea and cake and a wealth of knowledge from our teacher Frances.   There’s another session coming up in July if you’re local and fancy trying it.

Here are some pictures of the process and finished result.


Pegged papers

What do you think?


And I’ve saved some nice pins on Pinterest here.     You can try it out for yourself with the kids with shaving foam and food colouring – can’t wait to try that with L!


Finished paper marbles in pink, blue and gold


I would really recommend paper marbling even if you don’t feel you’re super creative, you’ll be in flow in no time.  I’m going to use my printed sheets for book covers, wrapping paper and I’ve framed one up too.

Do you have a creativity budget?  What do you spend it on?  Let me know in the comments or come find me on instagram. 

Claire x

PS – In my Notes from the Sea email next week I’m going to be sharing your Summer Sanctury & Creativity Workbook  – sign up here if you’d like a copy.