The mornings are dark, the air’s cooler and the fairy lights are a plenty – It’s time to chat Autumnal Traditions!

The Sunday Sanctuary Series is our chance to take five with a hot cuppa and write a little chatty post about anything we fancy. Bethanie from Northumberland Family Diaries  launched it in the summer to make sure we had a little space for our second love – writing!  Holidays can get pretty busy with kids dictating your schedule but I ADORE the change in pace and the permission to slow down and not have the school run to do.


Pumpkins in the window 2018 - Autumn has landed

The View into our living room – Pumpkins in the window 2018


Autumnal Traditions – is it all new?  

What were your traditions growing up?  There were no pumpkins available in County Durham where I grew up – I feel like our Halloween’s were super low key compared to things now.

I do welcome all of the fun and fuss to be honest.  It makes the kids so happy and some of the adult fancy dress is amazing!  We went to the (very adult) Halloween Party at Baltic a few years running – it was totally terrifying and always an amazing very adult party night!

knobbly pumpkin - autumnal orange

Last year’s knobbly autumn find!

As kids, we didn’t bother with turnips either – I think that would have been too much work – have you ever cut one for a Sunday roast?!  So my memories are of freezing cold nights clothed in double layers and adorned with a bin bag and a witches hat – it was so much fun!  We also made the Christmas cake in half term too.  I loved doing this with my mum – the smell is one of the absolute best in the world.

As L has got older (he’s 5 now), we’ve added a few autumnal traditions to our October half term week. It’s lovely to have things to look forward to.   We’ve watched the Strictly Halloween special so we’re well in the mood!

Here are our top 5 autumn traditions… 

  1. Pumpkin picking – now we were a little too keen this year and our favourite spot wasn’t open when we went but we popped into LIDL and got one for our autumn display so L wasn’t too disappointed. We’re saving the carving for Wednesday and will pop it in the window! I don’t do a door display because I don’t like waste and there’s only so many pumpkins you can eat! I made this Pumpkin Pie last year – would recommend this recipe – it sounds odd but honestly it’s so nice!

    pumpkins with a fire - our autumnal display

    Photo bombing our autumnal display

  2. Live and let go – every school holiday, cupboards get emptied, things get donated and toys move on to pastures new. It brings us so much more joy to have more space to live and play in.  We did something similar earlier in the year, you can read about it here.
  3. Trick or Treating – our village go ALL out for Halloween so on Thursday we’ll be joining about 50 other kids on the streets with out trusty Halloween bucket. L is dressing as a skeleton I think 🤔 that could change though. He went as Batman last year! I’m going to see if he wants his face painted – I have blue and white!So a ghost or a smurf then?  Haha
  4. pumpkin picking at The Veg Hut Northumberland

    Pick your best Pumpkins

  5. Collecting Autumnal Earth Gifts – L actually brought a bag home from school to collect autumn treasures from a walk over the holidays. We have pine cones and conkers so far. Looking out for some red and gold leaves.  I’ve treated myself to some new red wellies – my old ones had a
    autumnal messy crafts on a table

    Craft tidy up each holiday

    lot of holes – can’t wait to wear them!  We adore to be out in nature as a family.

  6. Getting ready for CHRISTMAS! I’ve already started my Christmas shopping – trying to get experiences not things or buy from local makers. We’re going to make some cards together too and I’m waiting for a pompom maker to arrive – I got a demo the other day they are SO fast!  I can find the lead up to the festive season a little whirlwindy so I’m always glad to tick a few things off.
Have you got any autumnal/ Halloween traditions?  Plans for Bonfire Night?
Claire x
PS – come say hi over on Instagram – I’ll be sharing our Bonfire Night wedding celebration in the next couple of weeks!  Also Bethanie will have a post live on the same subject live soon too – you can check it out on her website.