On the 1st weekend in December, my mummy gave to me…

I thought I’d write about my plans to get festive with my five year old.

There’s no elf on the shelf and there’ll be no tricks performed around my house!  I know I know spoil sport but it’s hard enough remembering to fill his wooden advent calendar up each night.  Haha

I do try hard to make sure L has beautiful Christmas experiences as well as some cosy downtime at home.  (the bugs from school kinda ensure that tbh)

I know my limits though and it’s such a busy time of year and also one where if I’m honest I’m pretty keen to shut up shop and chill out in front of the fire!

I thought I’d share a few of our creatively conscious low waste ideas here with you… 

Festival window in Seven Stories book shop – you are spoilt for choice with all the GORGEOUS books in here.

Festive Family Activities with a Five Year Old

Nostalgia has been a big theme this year with loosing my Grandad.   I’ve also been very lucky to be involved in an incredible project which has taught me how to make memory books.    Search #thestoryofyouandme on the gram.


The books have been like therapy for me and I’ve started to make more for Christmas presents too.  L has been involved when he’s felt like it – cutting and sticking and asking questions.

I adore a handmade gift don’t you?  I love crafts and practise does make better – I’m really proud of the book I’ve made for my son all about the life of his Great Grandad which includes cards he wrote to him while he was alive.


FESTIVE COUNTDOWN by weekends leading up to Christmas 

Last weekend in November 

  • We visited Alnwick Garden (in the pouring rain), watching Frozen II, writing the first batch of Christmas Cards and creating Gift Tag Crafts from old cards.  It rained and rained for days so to cheer ourselves up we got our potted Christmas tree early and L popped a few decorations on it.
  • We read The Polar Express lots ahead of visiting the experience at Seven Stories.  One of my favourite experiences of seeing Santa with L was when we rode the little old train near us and met Santa in one of the carriages – they’d done it so well – we were both so swept up in the magic.

1st Weekend in December – Sat 30th November/ Sunday 1st December  

  • Visit to The Polar Express Experience at Seven Stories with family, new Polar Express themed pjs and decorating Grandad’s tree.  We also made brownies for L’s Christmas Fair.
  • We read ‘Nuddy Ned at Christmas’ – a new advent book for our collection – it’s hilariously inappropriate and L loves it!

The Polar Express Christmas Window at Seven Stories

2nd Weekend – Sat 7th December 

  • I am still deciding whether to brave Fenwick’s window and we’ll defo make some Gingerbread cookies.  We’ll also be practising Christmas songs – L’s got actions to the 12 days of Christmas for his school nativity.
  • I’ve got a few things I’m bidding on for L on ebay and I’ll visit the charity shops to look for jigsaws and games and stocking fillers.  Do you do stockings? We pop in a few small gifts, chocolate coins, nuts and oranges too just like my mum used to.

3rd Weekend – Sat 14th December

  • L uses his own money to buy his friends presents then we wrap them together.  This usually ends up with me not getting much wrapping at all done!  He delivers them on Christmas eve as they all live within walking distance.

We went for a real potted tree this year and plan to plant it in the garden after Christmas (Baubles may get moved around a bit!)

4th Weekend – Sat 21st December 

  • Although it’s still a few days until Christmas, L is usually very relaxed about the countdown.   My son is quite simple at heart.  We’ll wrap some more presents and see my mum for her birthday which is on 19th and make it a bit ‘not Christmas’.  This year we have lots of experiences planned for her but she reads my blog so I can’t write them here – DM on insta if you want to know!

Cousins are always the best of friends

Reuse, Recycle, Regift 

“What does L want for Christmas??”

“What shall I get you for Christmas?”  Hmmm – it’s tough huh?

How do you deal with that well meaning family member who wants to shower you/ your little one with presents/ plastic?  My invites are;

  • Come and see us
  • Come out with us
  • Let’s go for lunch
  • Send some money for his bank account or for him to choose something himself.
  • Buy us passes/ tickets for places he/ we love

Gifts wise for L, we often ask for books or clothes or Tonie Box Characters – We’ve just asked my sister for The Gruffalo and my Mum for The Highway Rat characters  (previous #gifted partnership).  I also get ideas from him when we’re out and about together.

Tonie story box – the gift that keeps on giving.

I love pamper type gifts and often get new pjs – I’m so easy.  Dave has also bought me a kindle – I’ve wanted one for years.  I’ve got Dave a new Patagonia jacket and three pairs of trousers for his movement coaching work.  I’ll also make him a stocking and he has his Story of you and Me book coming too.

You can read my fave advent books here.

Here’s to a low waste and beautiful Festive period.



(*) Our Tonie Box was gifted to us as was our Polar Express book and experience at Seven Stories.