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This is the third in a series of 26 blogs about our son and how he is navigating the world on a SEN plan.  He’s 5.  The first one is here. 

Updates on working with an SEN Maths Coach 

We were delighted to find Gail.  Gail is a creative, she’s also a maths coach for children who don’t find learning as easy as others might.  I asked the universe for Gail.

Then there she was in the sauna at the exact moment I was one Sunday.  She was talking to her friend about maths, like a kind of maths angel.  The rest is history… magick works folks!

A box of tricks and a world we never knew 

Gail has seen our son in our home twice for maths games and sent follow up resources and emails which I’ve diligently printed and laminated.

Treating L’s learning like another ‘project’ or ‘job’ has helped me find space for it each week in our family flow.  It also massively helps with any feelings over overwhelm….read here how I make space for EVERYTHING.

We’ve set up a basket of learning materials separate to L’s toys which includes materials for him to get confident with numbers within 10.

It includes;

  • Dice
  • Dominoes
  • Playing cards
  • Print outs of game suggestions from Gail
  • Print outs of number dots and numerals
  • A wooden game
  • Lolly sticks
  • Marbles/ glass nuggets

We’re really enjoying dipping in and using all of the materials and finding new ways to work with maths.

Gail brings a tonne of materials and tools with her and I’ve ordered some wooden beans to make a 100 bead string and we are keeping an eye out for wooden Cusenaire rods on ebay.

I’ll write more soon.  I’m balancing time online with half term fun this week.

Claire x