(Completely) Devoted…

Disgruntled (mildly, sometimes…)


What a Diamond

Dyscalculia (I had to google that)


Two Dogs (Paddy and Piper – the guide-dogs L reads to at school on Wednesdays)

One date

This is the forth in a series of 26 blogs about our son and how he is navigating the world on a Super Hero SEN plan.  He’s 5.  The first one is here. 

What you waiting for…?

When you are trying to understand how best to bring support on a deeper level when things feel uncertain and wibbly.

You look to other places.  Fixed, black and white things written in pen like…

Dates on a calender.

Specially, the date for L’s ‘autism screening’ is in on our calender now.  It’s this month.

I’ve also written out all the school holidays on a beautiful wall planner my pal Katie designed for the year so we can see it like a snap shot.

Marking the holidays on a wall chart, means we see the space in-between and notice the count down together too.

I’m so grateful the count down doesn’t feel as bad as it did each day last year.   I don’t have to fight back the tears on the drive to work and that’s such progress!

Day by day…

…it’s so much harder for L than it might be for some kids.   It’s easier at age five than it was at four.  Zooming into his little world I see that.

It’s five weeks until the Easter holidays, four more sleeps until the weekend, one more day until his Pokemon Magazine comes out…

Counting down is fine and finite but gratitude is where we prefer to spend time.

Here are all the gratitudes L counted in seven days…

  1. Pokemon
  2. Pady and Piper
  3. Alice
  4. Mummy
  5. Mcdonalds Chips
  6. Daddy
  7. Grammie
  8. Grandad
  9. Izzie
  10. Trees
  11. Our chickens
  12. Netflix
  13. My toy animals
  14. My Tonie Box
  15. Bees
  16. The bath

And he doesn’t want to go to school because “when I am a Zoo Keeper and look after all the animals, I won’t need school”  

How can you argue with that!?  We’ll keep on keeping on…