I wasn’t EXPECTING this!

Everything’s changed

Elephant Juice… (this mimed across a room looks like ‘I love you’)

Ear defenders

Everyone’s scared

Eeeee he can read!!!!

This is the fifth in a series of 26 blogs about our son and how he is navigating the world on a Super Hero SEN plan.  He’s 5.  The first one is here. 

Everything changed but we didn’t…

So school closes tomorrow for the foreseeable with corona virus pandemic and we’re all wondering how on earth to manage sickness, time, money, health, isolation and so much more.

Our son has picked up on the vibrations but doesn’t quite know what’s happening… Obviously he is going to be over the moon about not going to school because he never wants to go anyway!

So far this is what we’ve done to get our heads into it… 

  • Decided on how we’ll manage our days so that L gets some education and we can both work (we’re both self employed)  We are going to do 3-4 hour blocks each and stick to the school day.  We’re also going to go into the GREAT outdoors if we are allowed ALOT!
  • Checked out… https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources  
  • Tidied L’s room and toy room and thought about where in the house garden we can teach.   I’m going to turn his playroom into a classroom and his bedroom into a playroom with him so he’s part of it all.
  • Thought about talking to some creatives about zoom parties where we all talk to each others kids sharing our skill sets digitally…
  • Spoke to friends about how they are doing it.
  • Joined a group on facebook about working through things being self employed
  • Started to look at other home schooling resources

stop sign in the desert

Postponed/ cancelled/ stop what you are doing… 

L was meant to have a screening for autism tomorrow, it’s been cancelled.  It’s just one of those things…

But if it was last week we would be on the way to being a little clearer about how better to support him both at home and at school.

This morning, his headteacher asked me not to take him into school as I always do because of course they are avoiding non essential visitors.  He burst into tears – he can’t cope very well with things changing unless he is talked through it in advance.    We then agreed I’d take him in and he skipped in no problem along with a handful of other kids.

I am a little scared about how I’ll work through this time especially if the rumours are right and we’re doing this until September… I just don’t really feel I have the tools I need to support L in the same way he’s been supported to learn at school.  That said he has now learnt to read phonetically and it’s SUCH a breakthrough for him and us – he’s so much less frustrated about words and reading.  It’s been like a magic wand for him.  All hail the system we use in the UK.

I hope everyone is feeling ok and do let me know if you come across any awesome home schooling resources.

One more day to go… thinking of you all.