I wanted to start a movement of grounded positivity…. an invite…

A way to stay creative and connected.

We don’t know how many weeks we will be feeling unsettled across the world.

We don’t know how many days there’ll be lots of emotions to wrestle with.  We might feel both lucky we’re not on the front line and bored and frustrated at the weekend…

It’s all ok.

There are SO many nice things happening and so hopefully many more to come for us all too.

Thinking about this is something that has been really bringing me comfort, clarity and happiness this week…

So the 100011 things goal is simple…

  1. collectively count up to 1,00011 things to look forward to
  2.  and to then reflect on how we can do a version of them right now…

It’s really simple to take part… 

You just need to engage your creative thinking a little.

Just write out a list titled… #100011things 

Then REALLY connect to what you miss or what you’re looking forward to in the future… think of as many as you can. 

Then add on the end a way you can plan something to MUCH do sooner…

today, next week it doesn’t matter really…

Like this…

  1. In the future I’m looking forward to; A Running Fox hot chocolate with my Mum… today I could plan in…  a Cadburys hot chocolate with mum on Zoom/ face-time.
  2. Walking on our local beach… print photos from our last beach visit.
  3. Christmas get togethers on the other side of COVID-19…making Christmas cards with heart felt written notes in them to send later.
  4. Going on honeymoon…make a vision board for our honey moon
  5. Being on honeymoon…find some travel shows to watch
  6. Going to the supermarket without protective gear on…play shops at home with my little boy.
  7. Seeing L hug his Grandad again…send Grandad our wedding photos
  8. Seeing our garden burst into bloom…plant lots of bulbs and plan all the colours
  9. All being together for a Venus family bbq… set up a zoom date where we all eat bbq food.
  10. Going to the cinema… phone catch up with a friend and watch the same film then phone them again.  (Thanks to my pal Paul for that idea)
  11. A Yoga class…do one online TODAY.

So how many more do we need before it reaches #100011things

So there’s my 11 – do you fancy writing 11 and sharing over on instagram or on your blog with me?  Hoping this makes us all connect to gorgeous things, people and ideas.

Share with the hashtag #100011things