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Holes in the system




This is the seventh in a series of 26 blogs about our son and how he is navigating the world on a Super Hero SEN plan.  He’s 5.  The first one is here. 

Here we are and it’s the last day of the summer term! 

L has been back in school since mid June.  I’ve had some great chats with his class teacher who also taught him when he was in Reception.  He’s had six other little play mates and THRVED in this environment.

It’s meant our family dynamic has worked really well and he’s met the targets set for him on his SEN plan.

But what about the elephant in the room?

With L’s additional needs, I have to lead on conversations with school;

  1. What happened about his autism assessment?
  2. What happened about the county council person who was going to ring me?
  3. When will he get a new SEN plan that is appropriate for his learning needs?
  4. Is there anything else we should be doing over summer to help maintain what he’s learnt and help him?

And the answers? 

  1. The assessment was cancelled as was all of the corresponding paperwork.  Not put on hold.  Just cancelled for us to pick up the (lengthy) process again in Sept/ Oct.
  2. No one knows… hopefully she enjoyed her furlough.
  3. It will be looked at a few weeks into the new term in September once he’s had chance to settle in.
  4. Yes as much as possible, working with an SEN tutor is a brilliant idea.  We use Gail, her website is here.

And the question I didn’t ask… 

How is he getting on in comparison to his peers and how does that measure up against the national average?

And the reason why?

I don’t really care because for the very first time in his whole two year school career he’s HAPPY!  Long may it continue.

Here’s to a creative and sunny summer everyone!

Claire x