What if you really want to quit your job?


We’re on the planet for such a short time and it makes no sense to me to dread getting out of bed in the morning to go somewhere I don’t want to go, see people I don’t connect with just to earn money to stay alive!

That said, I have found myself in this situation on two occasions.

Partly it’s been about environment, partly it’s been about people.

I am a huge fan of being self employed, you can set your own boundaries, fees, timeline, working day. It’s great when it works but when it doesn’t it can leave you feeling undervalued, underpaid and exhausted.

I have had to quit a few times in my life, mostly when I felt I’d done as much as I could for a client and/ or my boundaries were being taken advantage of.

On a recent count of the jobs I’ve had since finishing school I got up to nearly 50! That’s a lot of experience of managing clients and situations!

My clients are always telling me they’d like to quit but… insert million reasons why they can’t/ won’t or shouldn’t!

Of course you have to feel ready to make a change, be super self aware and dare I say it tough enough to quit plunging yourself into a new stratosphere!

Here are my 7 top tips to help you to quit if you’ve decided that’s what you ‘probably’ want to do!

  1. Start to detach yourself and emotions from the job – if you’ve worked at 💯, work at 70%, then at 50%. How does it feel?
  2. Take lunch breaks, leave on time! Get some space! Reflect on your reasons for wanting a fresh start and your frustrations at work.
  3. Talk to your partner or friends about your frustrations and thoughts – why do you want to leave? Write them all down and burn them after. Could you also talk to your employer about how you feel? If you can perhaps there is an opportunity for them to work with you to help you feel better connected to your job?
  4. If you are really set on moving on start to look for other jobs, tell people you trust you are looking, Update your CV. Celebrate your skills. See what’s out there!
  5. If you still want to quit, check your notice period and set a date to resign – one that fits with you. Make sure you’ve thought through cash flow and handover. Perhaps you can build up some savings and work on a personal project and some self development until the next job finds you?
  6. Resign – write your resignation and your terms – informed and non emotional. Ask for an exit interview.
  7. Step out, align yourself with your work goals, values and ethics and watch what comes your way!

You can read about my goals and work ethics here – writing them has completely changed my working life!