So I gave up on lists for work over a year ago having made them all of my life.

You might wonder how on EARTH you could remember everything without your trusty list?

Well honestly working this way has changed my life and I’d love for your to try it!

What type of lists do you write? 

Christmas lists, to do lists, shopping lists, task lists, don’t forget lists – page after page, notebook after notebook!

Filling up pages and maybe getting checked off, drawn through but still there written out staring at you?!

I gave up writing lists as I realised there was a better way for me to keep on top of my tasks and stay even more productive plus practise gratitude and tune into my wellbeing in the process.

I feel so good about it!

Here’s what I do in 7 simple steps!


  1. Grab some post it’s or notelets and a marker – I like a sharpie!
  2. Download my brain – so literally everything that’s in there gets its own post-it. Things like “phone lisa”, “fill in my son’s holiday form”, “buy coconut oil. Work and life tasks all get written down as I don’t need them to keep popping in my brain when I’m trying to focus so this way they are out and being dealt with!
  3. I then group all the tasks together in a little house 🏠 (see pic)
  4. I then prioritise them and put the most important tasks and houses at the top and set myself a time limit to work on them – usually driven by a break for lunch or to hang the laundry out.
  5. As I complete the task I scrumple up the paper and throw it onto the floor.
  6. At the end of each working section I put the scrumpled up paper into our fire or into the fire basket to burn later. Once completed they are gone! I don’t need to hang onto them in a list in a notebook they are done!!!
  7. Say a quick thank-you to myself for being able to get that task done and move onto the next and light that fire in gratitude of how much I’ve got done!

Let me know if you guys try my technique – I’d love to hear from you.

Claire x

PS – I’m on instagram @creatively.conscious  

PPS – I can’t remember where this originated but I also keep a ‘snag’ list in my filofax on a post-it – so this is things like ‘change addresses on driving licence’ I do these sorts of tasks on the train sometimes or when I get bored of them being there.