The Artist Boat

The Artist Boat is a coaching package which invites you to truly believe in your own creativity and potential. With a sprinkle of self awareness around wellbeing and some mindful productivity absolutely ANYTHING is possible. I’m a huge fan of personal development and I challenge myself to grow with monthly intents that connect to my BIG DREAM each month and understand my own lessons as I go. I practise all of the framework I share with my clients and you can find blogs I write too. Would you like to align your daily tasks to building your ambitious creative longer term dreams? To make more space for the things that put fire in your belly? To add magic and gratitude to the everyday? Do you feel like you sometimes lack focus or find yourself wandering about not really knowing where you should focus your energy? You’re in the right place! I offer a Creative Self Development package called The Artist’s Boat (*) which focuses on mentoring and helping you find true alignment in your life and work so each feels balanced and acknowledges the roles you want to play in your creative business in a more harmonious way. The concept is simple and it’s purpose is to get you to a place where we only bring things into our boat (life) which serve us to travel to where we want to be.