This is a blog series sharing my approach to learning and using 360 video in the cultural sector.

This is my 6th week experimenting with the technology.

Week six – adventures in 360 video

This week I popped back to see Trina in her Northumberland studio. I remembered the equipment this time!!

It was nice to meet her partner Denis who is an animator and chat to him about the ebb and flow of his work. You can find him online here.

By the end of the week I’d received 22 responses to my online research survey which feels nice and there is some insightful responses in there.

You can fill it in here to help with my research into the uses of 360 video in the cultural sector if you’d like. It’s very short! (You don’t need a google account just skip that question.)

I really felt like I had colleagues for the first time in ages this week after feeling a little lonely this year it was a welcome relief to chat to people on the same page.

Thanks again to Trina for inviting me into her home studio. She has a little online shop if you’d like to browse for Christmas pressies!? I’m shopping small this year so already earmarked a few things.

Back to the project and here is one of the 360 captured I took in Trina’s studio.

I nestled the camera in a box of paint brushes on its selfie stick and left the room to use my iPhone as the shutter! I’m really pleased with this one.

I’m taking a little break on the project until January now so Week 7 will be here mid Jan.

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And that brings us all up to date.

Thanks so much for your support and shares and please do consider filling in my survey to help my research.