Week Two – investigations into 360 video

This is the second post in a series. The first is here.

I haven’t picked the camera up this week but my husband has!

He decided to make a shoulder rehab video for a coaching client in 360.

Quick filming job! 3 days to upload and that’s after we fathomed out that the file needs to go to YouTube with its meta data or it is all screwy and doesn’t work!

Grateful to my mentors for helping me to figure this out!

The other part of my project is this survey. Do check it out and give me your thoughts!

This YouTube playlist gave me lots of creative ideas this week!!

This week’s to dos…
– [ ] Buy the mono pod?
– [ ] Got a new phone that can handle the 360 one shot app

See you next week for more adventures in 360 video!

Claire x