Week One – Investing time in 360 Video

I’m back with a blog series on a new project I’m investing time in with financial support from Creative UK.


My brand new project is called – Come on in, the kettles on!

This project is funded by Creative UK via North of the Tyne combined authority and is mostly a research and development project using new technology to develop and enhance my creative practise. 

As part of the process I’ll be learning to use a 360 camera in a range of settings and be mentored by film-maker Jason Thompson.

I want to write a series of 6-8 blog posts about my process learning how to use a 360 camera. My hope is the blog posts will be useful to anyone curious or considering the technology for use in their creative practise or to reach people in non traditional ways.


I’ve been quietly curious about our “quick” move away from online interaction back into “real life”. I feel like there’s space for both worlds. It feels disappointing to me as a busy mum of young children who works part time and supports a husband with a chronic health condition when events are ONLY ‘in person’ – it seems bonkers as we all got to know the technology in the pandemic.

Can’t we at least try to make them hybrid ( a mix of online and in person) – why wouldn’t we? There are so many pros including accessibility and environmental impact.

The innovation of technology has helped us to connect to a wider variety of cultural and creative experiences and I for one am over the moon about that. The advances in tech over the pandemic were a breath of fresh air to me as a tech savvy rural creative.

My husband has post viral / long covid fatigue syndrome which means we’ve completely changed our lifestyle to accommodate far less “busy” and much more embodied activity and practises.

I want to try and explain some of that and question others who identify as neurodivergent (as my son does) and those who have adjusted their lifestyle due to chronic fatigue (as my husband has).
I will do this via google form survey and hopefully hear from up to 1000 people.

So onto my week one findings;

360 video gives you a digital product in an instant!

Here are the links to the photos I took at Alnwick Playhouse!

Rehearsal room – with tripod in shot. https://s.insta360.com/p/4aae3a070c48e211226dd9dc571ab17c

The White Room – selfie stick balanced in middle of table makes it invisible! https://s.insta360.com/p/77ca49180ae9d9f0e6552b04fca8d6e3

If you open on your smart phone you’ll be able to move around the image as if you were there in the room. Clever hey?

It would be great to know how you might like to use files like this and how you would like them hosted? These are currently hosted on the Insta 360 community. I plan to try youtube next!

Any feedback you can give will help inform my next steps as well as a public survey I’m working on. 

Things I learnt in my first week of exploring 360 video!

– My SE iPhone acts like a preview/ remote.
– The memory card sits in 360 camera
– A tripod has three legs which are in shot in 360. A mono pod won’t be in shot so need one of these unless I can adapt my selfie stick!
– It’s really really easy to use the camera and make an image or video

– How can I add slides or images/ credits or text?
– If I upload to YouTube how long a video should I do? How much is interesting?
– How will cultural venues use the stills? 360 photo
– How can i use my 360 video shot over 30 seconds
– What’s interesting to the viewer!?

I’ll be back here with more questions and things I’ve learnt and tried out next week! Let me know if you have any thoughts or observations. Come chat to me on instagram or leave a comment here.

Thanks for reading!