This week I did a huge push on my survey to try and reach more people and diverse opinions on my ideas.

It’s still sitting at just 4 replies so I’d really appreciate any support. I’ve decided to offer a prize draw of a goody bag containing my new journal and other lovely things as an incentive. Link here.

I had planned to meet local illustrator Trina Dalziel to film her studio. It’s been a week here at home and my husband has been very unwell with ongoing symptoms of chronic fatigue and post covid mystery.

Despite me and the baby sleeping in until 7.50am, I was all organised, camera charged, I’d thought about my storyboard and felt ready with the tech.

When I arrived at Trina’s beautifully curated Northumberland studio in her home I realised I’d left my camera on the kitchen table amongst the crayons and the breakfast dishes. Thanks to my husband’s coaching where he reminds me NOT to shoot the second arrow I tried to be kind to myself about it and make the best of having driving 20 minutes in the rain.

Luckily Trina was so lovely about it and we had lots to catch up on re our individual project work so we did that and we have a plan for a re-shoot in a couple of week’s time. It was lovely to be in her studio and meet her husband who is also a creative.

Other thoughts this week…

I haven’t been able to free up enough memory on my phone to export the 360 video files so this is an ongoing thing I need to sort… I’ve thought about having a phone just for the 360 video but I think it would need a contract as they speak to each other over 3G?

So my ‘to do’ list

– free up memory on my phone or use my husbands?
– push survey some more
– decided on an end date for survey – maybe end of January?
– keep adventuring in 360 video!

My ‘ta da’ list – thanks to my coach for this!
– I keep showing up for my research and I’m really starting to get somewhere.
– two wonderful neurodivergent creatives have been in touch to be involved in the project and I’m super excited to film with them! I was more thinking about neurodivergent audience to start with but actually these approaches feel very aligned. I’ll keep you posted.

Photos are of Trina’s studio.