So I heard a speaker on the radio the other day talking about mental health.

I had never heard it framed in this way but they said something like “work isn’t the opposite of play…,depression is.”

I think until I hit motherhood I didn’t actually know how to rest. Sure I was good at sleeping and enjoyed 8-9 hours each night (those were the days) and found time for spa days and holidays but none of these things were actually rest. Not in the way I recognise rest now.

Rest is, I’ve decided for me now a clear action! Rest is doing rest!

(I don’t have any photos of rest so I’m sharing some that inspire me to instead.)

Of course, deciding to rest can be seen as a luxury – something to find time to do because more often that not we are forced to rest – a cold here, a bout of the winter blues, a lack of motivation at certain points in our cycle.

We can get frustrated and bored if we have to rest but actually to flip that around to actually build in time to rest and enjoy it is something special – just for us.

Our own pocket of down time.

It is so so worthwhile for me personally and helps me to be more patient, have better clarity… feel more me!

I’ve mentioned before I sometimes have to work evenings and I’m working most Sundays at the moment so I have to really build in the rest time where it might not usually come!

So conscious rest… Weekly – at the moment, I am visiting the local spa twice per week and taking a weekly yoga class plus practising yoga nidra at least once too.

Monthly, I usually build in an afternoon off work if I can on the first day of my period, I avoid social events when I have pms.

Sometimes if I’ve had a particularly busy day I just lie with my son for 10minutes longer that usual listening to the rise and fall of his breath after he’s fallen asleep for the night.

How do you build conscious rest into your schedule and do you think it’s important for your wellbeing?

Do you think your more productive with more rest,

Would love to hear from you in the comments.

Claire x

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