I think office environments can quite often be lovely hubs of support and community but on the flip side they can sometimes feel quite toxic.

I have some wellbeing goals for feeling calm, centred and nourished in an office environment.

I work from home a lot and will do a separate post about that but also have to work out of offices and ‘hot desk’ too.

I’ve worked in offices with NO windows where when one person gets ill everyone does, I’ve worked in offices where you are only allowed to drink coffee out of branded plastic cups with spouts (and I bet they weren’t bpa free), where as soon as someone’s out the room they are gossiped about – if their is an toxicity in your environment, whatever it is – here’s my magic 9 tips to stamp it out by focussing on your own wellness at your workstation and breeding a more positive environment.

  1. Make and take lunch from home –  for a more nutrious and filling meal with no waste. It takes a little bit more organisation but it’s so much more satisfying and cheaper too! I take left overs from dinner a lot – potato and humous and salad usually.
  2. Make time for water to hydrate and banish toxins – Lots of offices have water filters so you can make the most of the opportunity to tot up your 8 glasses a day! I take my steel water bottle everywhere (pictured) – I picked it up at Sainsbury’s for £12.
  3. Step away from the computer at regular intervals to stretch and definitely at lunch time – perhaps walk for 20 mins or if you’re near a yoga studio, why not take a class? Run a few errands, soak up some vitamin d, breathe in some fresh oxygen and reset your brain.
  4. Mostly plan to avoid the sugar trap and the biscuit  rollercoaster – I used to sit behind the biscuit tin at work and people has all sorts of reasons why they would visit for their choc fix – a stressful phone call, the 11am tummy rumble, Friday! I take fresh fruit bought that day from a fruit stall and usually a ‘nakd’ bar or something similar so I’m all set!
  5. Chat a bit – I mean not incessantly but it really feels good to talk about trivial things or your favourite book with colleagues.  Perhaps you’ll find a new connection here and it makes it a nicer place to be!
  6. Make lists in a notepad – I find it helpful to look away from the screen and have a system where I write a list of tasks for the day ahead each day ticking off those from the day before.
  7. Work to your strengths – I am a morning person, I have far more creativity and will before 2pm so I tend to plan my working day’s tasks and meetings around this. Afternoon tasks are more menial and less taxing or reading and commenting.
  8. Surround yourself with inspiration – a photo of your children or partner, posters or postcards on your notice board, your favourite quote on a mug – positive stuff for a positive work-space.
  9. Add a plant – this really follows on to the point above – plants make us feel good! And they freshen our air up too!  

What tips do you have for feeling good in an office environment or managing your work at a computer and your sense of wellbeing?