Before I start, this post is a follow on from my last post about the anticipation of being one of the first in the world to see Anya Gallaccio’s new artwork at Lindisfarne Castle.

The day I published that post I spent 8hours on Holy Island which included meeting local photographer Emma Rothera.

Emma is based on Holy Island and originally from Yorkshire. Emma visited the island with a friend and made it her intent to move there within 10years – she did it in 8!

Over a cup of Pilgrims Coffee on Holy Island in their cutest of cute upstairs room overlooking a walled garden we answered each other’s questions for 90minutes. It’s EXCELLENT coffee by the way, roasted on site and well worth a visit.

I’d arranged to meet with Emma about a project I’m working on with National Trust as part of their building partnerships programme. Meeting with the local community of creatives has been integral to my research and really helped to further shape the proposal of creative opportunity.

Emma’s story is brilliant – she is very connected to the landscape and her showcase of images of Holy Island on her website are breathtaking! First light is my favourite!

I was very inspired by meeting with Emma who splits her time between gifting teaching of the art of photography to others, Coast guard work and commissions.

She has a 20year business plan and had hit all of her goals in it so far!

I’ve written in depth about my intent for this year, my work ethics and values and my goals and I am always pleased to find others who pin their aspirations into black and white too.

I don’t have a business plan but I have started sketching one out with the help of creative coach Jen Carrington and it’s both a challenge and a delight!

I’m looking forward to spending more time on Holy Island over the coming months and sharing the connect with you.

Before I met Emma I bumped into one of my lovely friends and clients who said;

“The magic of the place invites a creative response and energy charge – you want to give back”

I can’t wait for more!