Art fuels work, Memories fuel art, work fuels memories….

I am currently working with a hugely passionate and talented conceptual photographer and artist called Laura who has designed a beautifully unique process and project.

‘Lasting Memories’ is a photography project which invites participants with Alzheimer’s and their families to share memories with Laura and her camera.

I’m not going to say too much about the outcome Laura has planned only that I feel so honoured she asked me to participate in helping her to formulate her timeline, budget and ideas.

Laura has received some funding for her project which will take place in Wooler in Northumberland later this year and is currently in the process for applying for Arts Council funding too.

This year I set goals to work on projects which really aligned with my work ethics and values and stirred passion in me for my skill set and helped me express the way in which I experience the world.

Working in the arts can be SO incredibly powerful for participants and healing for artists I’m over the moon my professional practise has brought me the challenges it has since I decided to free myself from chains I’d self imposed last year.

At the time of writing this, we are grappling with a set of confusing circumstances surrounding my 87 year old Grandad. He’s not been well for a while and is currently in hospital. His memory and behaviours aren’t recognisable of the man I took to Australia on an east coast tour nine years ago (pic above) but in this emotive moment that’s what I think back to.

I don’t know whether Laura will get to meet my Grandad – I hope so because they are both the rare type of person that everyone should have the pleasure of spending time with.

I’m really looking forward to working on such an emotive project with Laura who’s own Granny has Alzheimer’s and the impact the project will have on the local community. 💫🌷