Ok… so I have to credit my partner Dave at Physical Freedom for some of the productivity systems I use… this is one he’s been trying out again recently so I dived in on Saturday and gave it a go myself.


The technique is basically to smash your ‘to do’ list and work hard at tasks you decide beforehand for 25 mins, take a 5min break then go again up to 3 more times until your ‘tick list’ is done! ✏️


Now honestly, I’m working for 4 clients at the moment and the LAST thing I feel like doing is switching my laptop on on Saturdays however, life admin doesn’t disappear on its own and I got a letter on YELLOW paper from Leander’s pre-school reminding us about something that *sometimes* keeps me awake at night so I knew I had to fix it! 🏃🏼‍♀️

Now don’t fall asleep here but my Saturday life admin tasks were;

  • Write and send three invoices
  • Find out who our home insurance is with and get a PDF of the policy.
  • Log in to our online bank accounts and check cash flow
  • Find passwords for logging in to self assessment portal
  • Contact inland revenue re confirming the place for our son at pre school
  • Update FB copy for one of Daves up-coming events.

Quite simply, I wouldn’t have really mastered this entire list without the pomodoro technique and would be trying them to fit these things into already full work days before or worse thinking/ worrying about them at regular intervals over the weekend.  However, I am pleased to report in two pomodoro sessions every single thing was done! Complete!  Finished! Over!

So how did it work?  I stopped for lunch after the first 25mins so the break I had was more like 30 mins and not 5 but then as soon as we were done, the boys went upstairs to do yoga and I blasted through then had a cuppa and started researching my next knitting project!  Ideal!

I mostly use Pomodoro for life admin but it can be an incredibly successful way of shifting through stuff you don’t really want to do or have been putting off.

What have you got to loose? Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

Ooo and apparently according to my lovely friend Yvette who uses this too – there is an app with trees that grow you can use with this technique too – b e a u t i f u l.