Diving straight in and sharing a list I shared at the start of this year…

I’ve got a few on my amazon wish list for Christmas… excited to see which ones make the cut!


1. The Artists Way by Julia Cameron – an old boss swore by this to unblock creativity and transform our thinking! She bought me a copy when she moved on and I felt very grown up! (I was 23!). I completed it one summer and still use morning pages and artist dates from time to time. It encourages us to make space for our creative self – I feel this is so important to how we connect to everything else in our lives!

2. The Five People you meet in Heaven – what can I say about this book – it’s just a must read for dealing with grief and reflecting on the absolute beauty of the every day! We are so much more connected that we know.

3. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle – I read this in my early twenties and keep a copy in my bedside table incase I need to dip in. It’s fantastic at keeping me in the moment – the titles all you really need to know. πŸ™

4. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert – I’m currently reading this and ADORE it! I read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ an embarrassing amount of times in my late twenties and it actually inspired me to go to Bali for my 30th birthday!

5. The Four Hour Work Week – good old Tim Ferris – what a genius – my partner introduced me to this book and we both try to frame our productivity and better understand our energy spend due to this method! I’m also signed up to Tim’s 5 bullet Friday emails!


So there you have it, short and sweet and hopefully something in there to inspire you too! 🌷

Do you have a favourite self development book?!