Wow – Autumn is HERE and what an absolute gift…

Ahead of the launch of my seasonal slow lived winter workbook I wanted to share the 10 things I feel I need to feel my most aligned in Autumn

  1. Gentle exercise… a day outside in the woods or at the beach – we love to take flaks and a picnic and just be out in nature ALL day, a yoga class or workshop even if it’s just in the diary for the future, a ‘medium’ paced run or jog up the hill, ugg boots and bare feet walks at the coast –  they all work for me in Autumn.
  2. Great home cooked food… I could say so much here but I’ll just say two words actually ‘slow-cooker’
  3. Creative opportunities outside of ‘work’ each week – this is one I have to really keep an eye on – it really improves my wellbeing to create space for my own creativity whether that’s writing, painting something in our house (we’re still renovating), doing arts and crafts with our four year old which will definitely involve pumpkins and phonics or getting the knitting out.
  4. Self-development opportunities (usually every other week)… I gear up in autumn knowing we are so close to setting goals for the next year (January feels an enormous blank page) – so Autumn is the one time I plan the big self development courses and me and my partner write a wish list of what we’d like to achieve for our own businesses and self development in the next calendar year and cost it out.
  5. Collecting bags and bags of golden fallen leaves to feed our worm hotel and compost – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it – it’s so much fun with a little one and brings a tonne of satisfaction and connectivity to your environment.
  6. Similar to point 5 – collecting sticks for kindling – when we did our house renovation on our 100 year old house, the builder’s presumed we’d want to knock down the wood and coal sheds but we had a plan for them as soon as we viewed the house and it involved opening up all the fireplaces – we’re down 2 out of 4 and it’s amazing!
  7. Date night with my partner each week – it usually involves yummy food and catching up with something we both like to watch or sitting by our log fire and chatting about a camper van life we hope to have one day…We are loving SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT at the moment and even have the book!
  8. Flowers and plants around the house – I love to re-pot plants into bigger pots and the satisfaction it brings knowing I’ve helped each one to thrive.  I have two orchids in my laundry room that are in their 3rd year of bringing beautiful blooms – you have to wait 12months each time but each year they flower for longer, it’s so worth it.
  9. To write – I write and plan and reflect in at least three different notebooks at a time – it really is my happy place.
  10. Christmas prep – I absolutely adore the festive season – I love writing lists of how I can try and achieve a low waste Christmas – there’s lots that’s sourced from small businesses and handmade – I’ve got some nice hamper ideas this year to cure the January blues.

What helps you stay aligned during the autumn season?  I’d love to hear and get some more ideas of what we can weave into family life!