This blog post accompanies my Seasonal Slow Lived Winter Workbook which you can download here…

Staying connected is a constant practise and I think each season brings new opportunity in absorbing how we feel as our external environment affects our internal.

I share how and where I make adjustments to my creative and wellbeing practises each season as a real-time consciously creative diary.

Perhaps some of these resonate with you?


10 things I feel I need to feel my most aligned in winter are…

  1. Gentle exercise… a walk outside in the woods, a stroll along a windy beach, a yoga class or workshop, a gentle run or jog up the hill they all work for me in winter and I start to notice when the puddings and sofa time overtake.
  2. Great home cooked food… I could say so much here but I’ll just say two words ‘slow-cooker’ 🥘
  3. Creative opportunities outside of ‘work’ each week – this is one I have to really keep an eye on – it really improves my wellbeing to create space for my own creativity whether that’s writing, painting something in our house (we’re still renovating), doing arts and crafts with our four year old or perhaps knitting something. I’m definitely guilty of expanding all my energy into work sometimes but it’s something I really try to keep a balance with.
  4. Self-development opportunities every other week… I want to tell you so much more on this… it’s so important – watch this space. 📚
  5. Date night with my partner each week – it usually involves yummy food and catching up with something we both like to watch or sitting by our log fire and chatting about a camper van life we hope to have one day.
  6. Comfy socks – bamboo are my absolute favourites… I prefer to be bare foot but with cold tiled floors the winter brings the need for a foot cover – I have a selection of cosy slippers and bamboo socks – my pet hate is when socks are too too tight!!
  7. Staying organised – there’s a lot that creeps onto the ‘to do’ list around Christmas time and carving out time to be creative keeps me feeling sparkly. ✨💖✨
  8. Flowers and plants around the house – I love to re-pot plants into bigger pots and the satisfaction it brings knowing I’ve helped each one to thrive.  I have two orchids in my laundry room that are in their 3rd year of bringing beautiful blooms – you have to wait 12months each time but each year they flower for longer, it’s so worth it.
  9. To write – I write, plan and reflect in at least three different notebooks at a time – having white space in the chaos of life is a practise I adore .
  10. To have saunas and swim/ float in our local spa pool – even if for 20 or 30 mins, the wellness evoked in being warm is like no other this season…