Human existence is linear as far as we know… but here’s what I’ve learnt about creativity…

In both creation and human existence, there’s a cycle – birth through to dissolve back to the earth – a resolve, it’s not permanent.

Like a flash of lightening ‘The Midnight Gang’s’ brilliance was a total weepy for me… Thanks Mr Walliams for showing us that ‘My Big Beautiful Life’ scene…and reminding us how short life is.

The space we occupy on earth isn’t linear… creativity isn’t achieved or gained but unlocked and re-visted. Although if we’re looking for reassurance from others, it might feel safer to follow a linear path and notice achievements that way – it certainly can be super rewarding if that’s how you choose to experience it.

For me, it’s much more expansive and ancient and offers far more feeling possibility than our human brains could ever dream up. It’s a dimensional, multi sensory experience of sheer calm.

An experience that brought me to being inspired to write my first faerie tale took place in a dream. I liked it there so I’ve stayed a while. Watch this space.

In a space that continually expands you can weave anything every version of you has ever hoped. My purpose with these words? To remind you that in-fact you are infinite and full of possibility and potential anytime, any place and any way you choose to wholeheartedly embody your creativity.

Claire x

Creatively Conscious